Window Standards – Design Guidance

Guidelines for Window Design Standards

In today’s world, it’s crucial to take both the building requirements and design advice into account when choosing windows for your house. In most places, minimum levels for windows, doors, and skylights are required by building energy codes and standards. Windows were formerly seen to be a weak point in a house’s ability to protect its occupants from the elements. Today’s energy efficient windows are now a key component of design, offering several advantages.


Building Codes

The majority of places have building energy codes that require windows, doors, and skylights to meet minimum performance standards. The code standards, which normally apply to both replacement and new construction windows, must be followed by the builder, contractor, or homeowner. These specifications are subject to the building energy code of the relevant jurisdiction.


Considerations for Design

Both new and old homes’ energy use is impacted by new windows. Five key factors have an impact on the overall affect.

  • Window Selection
  • Orientation
  • Area
  • Shading Conditions
  • Energy Use

The particular climate is the strongest influence on performance as a whole and on choosing the right windows.


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