New Construction under 4,000 Square Feet – Cantilever House

Resting on a narrow, steep lot north of downtown Boulder, the Cantilever House is constructed on a site that was deemed by many to be unbuildable. It took months working with City Planners to interpret the complex zoning regulations. In the end, our goal was to design a modern, livable home within these constraints that took advantage of panoramic views in every direction.

The main influence in the design is the essence of simplicity, its composition, and purity of form. While the home has a definite geometric elegance, there is a hidden playfulness found within. The design places the primary living zones, encompassing the dining room, kitchen and living room on the upper floor that cantilevers out over the lower courtyard, 2 stories below. Accessed from a beautiful entry sequence, the front door opens to an eye-catching view through the skylight

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Stephanie Bingham
Email: stephanie @
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HMH Architecture + Interiors Wins 2022 AIA Colorado Firm of the Year

BOULDER, CO – AUGUST 31, 2022: AIA Colorado, the Colorado Chapter of The American Institute of Architects, announced the 2022 Design + Honor Awards recipients, recognizing Colorado architecture firms, projects, and architects for outstanding design and exemplary service.

The Firm of the Year Award recognizes the collaboration among individuals in a firm who have produced distinguished architecture, made significant contributions to leadership in the profession and to their community.

Established in 1989, HMH has flourished on the foundation cast by founding Principal Harvey M. Hine, who sought to create a collaborative architecture firm of designers who share a passion for design and possess an interminable work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit. As they have grown to a staff of nine, they have retained the creative

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The “Keep Calm and Travel to Japan” image by Mojtaba Yaghoobi is among the showcase posts that captured the most attention in the past two years! And today, I’m delighted to showcase the making of this fantastic work. Enjoy!

I am Mojtaba Yaghoobi from Sari, Iran. I’m quite willing to give you some details on this personal project, which shows my pure interest in the unique, mesmerizing traditional architecture of Japan.

But first, I would like to appreciate Ronen, who has provided such a superb connection among all 3D artists worldwide and had a significant role in developing this industry. I’m deeply grateful for having such a magnificent opportunity provided by him.


The project name is “Keep Calm and Travel to Japan”. This project has been done in less than one day, and I’ve tried to put my deepest feelings and efforts into it. The principle of my work

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Providing VR assets as part of an architectural visualization project is gradually becoming the norm. We’ve seen a few solutions before, and today I’m showcasing a new one by Biganto, called Virtoaster. Exciting features to consider are the overall 3d model explorer (open scale model style) and customizable interactive hotspots.

Biganto is an ArchViz Studio and a Digital Solutions supplier for developers, architects, designers, and CG artists. They are best known for creating interactive tours of large scale, such as Rumyantsevo Park, the “Making of” posted here a couple of years ago.

Virtoaster is a classic case of “scratching your own itch,” creating a tool others can benefit from during the process and bridge the gap between the existing pipeline of architecture visualization and interactive and VR content production.

With Virtoaster, you are provided with a toolkit and infrastructure for content creators, allowing you to turn your architecture visualization assets

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Here we go again! CONVERTED – The 9th International Architectural & Design Visualization Challenge in partnership with Substance by Adobe and ASUS as our hardware sponsor started.

Running March 1 – June 1, 2021.

Use #JoinConverted on social media and this link to share the challenge page –

Along with Substance by Adobe and ASUS, also sponsoring are :

and many other prize sponsors you can learn about on the challenge site, all contributing towards a prize pool valued at nearly $125,000 USD (and growing).

We’re inviting the entire Architectural Visualization community to showcase your design and visualization creativity and skill.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to TAKE THE OLD and INTRODUCE SOMETHING NEW. Design and visualize a CONVERSION PROJECT of your own choosing and showcase it with a set of still images, animations, or VR experiences in a unique three months “Work in Progress”

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This is Lush, Lisa Della Dora’s personal project, and the only way to travel in the past year! This is a project of escape, using lots of MAXTREE 3d plants, and a test of caustics too. Can you spot the animals?

Hi everybody, I’m Lisa. I’m a 3D artist, the art director of the MADI (Post-graduate Master in Digital Architecture of the Iuav University of Venice), and the creator of the Italian blog and ArchViz community Render IT!

I’m thrilled that Ronen invited me to show some insight into one of my latest personal projects: Lush. I developed the image in 3ds max + Corona Renderer, and I did post-production in Photoshop.

Here you can see the final results I achieved with this scene, and I’m going to explain to you more in detail how I developed the main frontal image.

References for Lush

When I work on a personal

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Forest Pack 7 is out now with an impressive lineup of features and updates that cements its reputation as the most flexible scattering tool on the market.

To see a full description of the new release including embeddable videos please visit the Forest Pack 7: See The Light page. For the full changelog, please visit our documentation site.

For this release iToo focused on expanding Forest Pack 7’s versatility starting with the ability to scatter lights using any of Forest Pack’s powerful distribution modes and randomization tools.

The new version also adds real-time support with a new beta exporter for Unity alongside support for Chaos Vantage and Unreal Engine via Datasmith. Corona users can now benefit from Forest Pack’s invaluable animation modes and the library browser has been completely rewritten to make finding and adding assets a pleasure.

Talking of assets, color matching assets when they come from different sources

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I’m thrilled to present you with the making of “Australian Home and Garden,” the visuals made by Globe Plants to showcase one of their recent bundles… number 24!

Globe Plants captured my attention around August 2020 as one of the few 3d vegetation creators fully supporting SketchUp with V-Ray, Thea Render, and Enscape. Since then they kept improving that support, alongside 3dsmax and GrowFX and reached 26 bundles so far. I’m keeping on testing their assets within the context of SketchUp with Thea Render and V-Ray and hope to share some examples soon. So far it looks and works very well… and today I’m offering a glimpse behind the scenes as they create 3d vegetation assets and presenting them in an architectural context.


The Tools

The CG market today has countless valuable tools for architectural visualization. Each software has its strengths. We use SketchUp for modeling and detailed drawing,

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Twinmotion has come a long way since first released. Being part of Epic Games now, it offers a real-time ecosystem for building a better-connected architectural pipeline – Twinmotion and Unreal Engine combined

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry have a data problem. Taking a design from idea to reality involves a boatload of different disciplines. Architects, landscape designers, interior designers, engineers, consultants, suppliers, and manufacturers often need to collaborate to bring a project to fruition.

The process has not been designed with one single, streamlined pipeline in mind. Instead, each discipline is a silo, requiring specialist software that outputs different file types. This results in an archipelago of workflows that are isolated from one another.

Smoothly moving data along the pipeline involves lengthy, sometimes hit-and-miss conversion processes, across which information can be lost. And that makes effective, stress-free collaboration difficult.

Epic Games has been looking at ways to open

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AXYZ design S.R.L. announces the launch of a new subscription service called anima ALL! offering a unique and innovative solution for the distribution and use of 3D human models.

For almost two decades, 3D artists and architects have been turning to various online stores to search for and purchase royalty-free 3D human models to suit their project needs. This reality not only implies a high initial cost for the purchase of models but also for the number of hours dedicated to the adaptation of materials, textures, and meshes, given the great heterogeneity of the sources. anima all offers a versatile and powerful product, specifically developed to populate both complex animations and static images, with photorealistic characters of the highest quality, with a unique rental solution at an extremely competitive price.

  • 1 anima® PRO Workstation floating licenses (3 devices),
  • Plugins for 3ds Max®, Cinema 4D®, Maya®, and Unreal Engine 4®,
  • All
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