What Are High Performing Windows


An increasing number of households and custom home builders are installing energy-efficient windows as our society grows more ecologically concerned. Energy-efficient windows reduce heat gain and loss by utilizing a variety of energy-saving technologies, which helps to manage a home’s internal temperature and increase energy efficiency. Homeowners benefit from a more comfortable living environment as a result, and they also increase the value of their property and recover up to 30% of their monthly energy costs.

Westeck exclusively offers some of the most energy-efficient replacement and new install windows available in the Pacific Northwest. To help you choose the best windows, this article will explain high performing energy-efficient windows.

FACT: Old style windows permit a large amount of heat transfer through a process known as window convection, old inefficient windows are primarily problematic. Without getting too technical, window convection cools the heated air in your home during the winter and heats the cooled air during the summer.

This causes a significant energy waste because your HVAC system has to work significantly harder to prevent heat transfer and maintain a pleasant temperature in your house. In actuality, 25–30% of the energy used for heating and cooling homes comes through heat transfer.

Energy Star energy-efficient windows use energy-saving technologies to drastically limit heat transfer. By utilizing sealed multi-pane glass filled with argon or krypton gas, low convection frame material, and Low-E glass coating, they address the effects of air leakage, convection currents, and solar radiation. This keeps your home at a comfortable temperature while putting less stress on your home’s HVAC system.


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