A Luxurious and Modern Neoclassical Style Living Room Design

The neoclassical living room design is a design style that is very rich in detail. Transform a classic style with a touch of modern-contemporary style.

Elegant, luxurious and romantic, the Neoclassical interior design style infuses every room with formalities typical of European styles. The interior design style, which first appeared in England and France in the 18th century, refers to classical Greek and Roman art and architecture by displaying columns, swags, festoons, classical reliefs and luxury furniture.

This design scheme is able to bring luxury and elegance to any room

However, you should avoid over-decorating or excessive decorating with various design and decorating elements because your room can quickly switch from something with an elegant luxurious atmosphere to a very striking room. Instead of getting a neoclassical look, you might even get carried away to a classic design.

Colors in neoclassical design styles are generally light, cream, gray, blue, yellow and green. Luster black, red, gold and silver are used mainly as fillings. Wallpaper with floral motifs is also commonly combined with paintings on the walls and ceiling, to create an epic look.

Even so the furniture in neoclassical design style. The furniture looks simple but symmetrical. Dark wood furniture with beautiful ornaments, stone and marble floors, Persian rugs. Luxurious but inconspicuous fabric, featuring an atmosphere and feel of space that is difficult to obtain from other design styles.

Vase ornaments and jars are also usually decorative accessories in neoclassical designs. They are designed with solid colors and decorated with white designs in repeating patterns, such as floral arrangements or swag.

Neoclassical living room design

The living room becomes everyone’s favorite place in the house because it provides warmth and excitement. The neoclassical living room design must be recognized as the masterpiece of the designers who are very revolutionary. The neoclassical style in the living room can give you the luxury sensation that is usually obtained from the classic style, but of course without the use of ornaments that may be excessive and look very striking.

The neoclassical living room design is a design style that is very rich in detail. But also get rid of some parts that might be considered excessive and unnecessary. Lately there have been even many modifications to this neoclassical style and mixing it with modern, contemporary or even minimalist styles. Making a neoclassical-eclectic design style that is both beautiful and functional.

In the neoclassical living room design, you will find furniture that may be the same as typical of the classic style. High quality furniture made from molds, gilding, curves and perfect carvings that look very luxurious. However, do not expect that you will find large luxury cabinets in the neoclassical style living room. The existence of iconic columns, reliefs, and carvings and grooves on the ceiling can still be found on several layers or sections, but neoclassics have come out with a simpler and simpler appearance.

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