Best Techniques for Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitoes are a hassle to many homeowners and their families. When controlling mosquitoes, it’s important to understand the mosquito life process. Once you understand this process, it’s easier to control them.

Male and female mosquitoes lead different lives. Only female mosquitoes hunt for blood; male mosquitoes do not. Female mosquitoes only hunt for blood in the days or weeks before they lay eggs.

Female mosquitoes locate living creatures through heat and carbon dioxide. Whenever a person breathes out carbon dioxide, mosquitoes can sense a plume of that gas coming from the person. Mosquitoes also have specialized eyes that can detect infrared heat coming from a person’s skin. When these two signals are combined, mosquitoes can accurately determine the location of a person.

There are a variety of mosquito traps available on the market, but many of them do not work very well. For example, some mosquito traps use a UV ray tube to try to attract mosquitoes towards a light. These devices are commonly known as bug zappers. While they do attract months and other flying insects, they are not an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes.

The best way to eliminate mosquitoes is through the use of a carbon dioxide trap. These devices generate a plume of carbon dioxide in the air, which attracts mosquitoes. When mosquitoes come close to the device, a specialized vacuum sucks them into a holding canister, where they die off.

Most carbon dioxide generators use propane to generate carbon dioxide. On average, these devices can run off a full tank of propane for approximately 120 hours. While some people leave these traps running 24 hours a day, many people prefer to only run them when mosquitoes are most active. This includes the morning and evening hours. Outside this time, this type of trap is usually much less effective.

Unfortunately, most traps that don’t use carbon dioxide aren’t very effective. Mosquitoes are not attracted to scent-based traps or to light; because of this, many of the traps designed for other types of insects don’t work very well.

However, the best way to get rid of mosquitoes around one’s home is through prevention. By eliminating standing water around your home, you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the first place. Unless you live in a swamp, this is usually the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes in your area.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to hire a professional exterminator. A mosquito control expert has access to a variety of treatment options, ranging from pesticide to preventative techniques.

Always remember that mosquitoes aren’t just an annoying pest. They can be a vector for many types of dangerous diseases, such as the Zika virus. By eliminating mosquitoes around your home, you can create a safer environment for both yourself and your family. Mosquito treatment is essential for those in warm, wet environments.

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