7 Modern Home Designs For Young Executives Today

Home is where we come back and gather with family. In addition, the home can also show a person’s social status. For young executives or commonly called business man, having a dream home would be a pride of its own. A modern, elegant and classy dream house is perfect for you young executives.

Ideal house should not only look beautiful from the outside, but also have complete rooms and certainly provide comfort for residents. Comfort is the primary key in a home. Ideal house should also have a smooth air circulation and light so that makes it a healthy home, bright, and not stuffy. A healthy home will certainly make our family become healthy too.

If you are planning to build a house, make sure the house suits your needs and lifestyle. What rooms do you need? Make a list of the rooms you want to be inside your home. Make sure that nothing is missed to avoid reshuffling in the future when you realize the importance of the room. Once your list of needs is structured, it’s time to design your dream home design that you want.

Here we present all kinds of designs latest dream home that can be an inspiration for you.

1. House of dream minimalist two floors

Having a two-story house is perfect for large families or if you need enough space to support your career and your hobbies. The two-story house also creates a luxurious and modern feel.

By having a multi-storey house, you can also use the land to have a wider yard because rooms such as bedrooms, warehouses, work spaces, or the space where you channel your hobbies can be placed upstairs.

Standard of the dream house of two floor minimalist that every room made wide and wide. The second floor has a small terrace with a minimalist fence either on the front, side, or rear and would be better if there are two chairs as well as a small table. With this, you and your family can relax in the morning or evening. You can also provide a little space on the second floor to hang clothes.

2. House ideal minimalist one floor

Minimalist one floor house can also be an option for young executives with small families or not married. Although only one floor, this house can look beautiful with a modern design.

Minimalist house has a simple design, neat, and elegant. What is meant minimalist here is to have a geometric shape that impressed neat, and not slums, such as square or trapezoid. If you have a large enough land, you can build a dream house with a single floor.

In order for your one-storey house still looks elegant and classy, you can make your home building taller. Large windows can also be used to give the impression of well-exposed lighting as well. The selection of wall paint colors also have an effect to make the dream house one-floor minimalist look more spacious. Preferably choose neutral or pastel colors.

With no fences or low fencing, the dream house of a single-storey minimalist will look more spacious and beautiful.

3. A minimalist dream house with swimming pool

If you like to swim, have a private swimming pool would be a pleasure in itself. You can swim at will or just relax on a water mattress while removing fatigue after work. In addition, of course, you do not have to queue to buy entrance tickets. You also do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the pool water or infectious diseases because only you and your family or friends who know who swim there.

The pool is also not just outdoors. Having a indoor or indoor pool can be a great idea. Suitable for those who love privacy.

4. A dream house now with a big garage

A young executive like you may have several types of vehicles that require a sizeable garage. By having a large garage at home, you can more freely park your vehicles.

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