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If you are wondering why self-storage facilities are starting to gain popularity nowadays, you are not alone. At least 40% of customers surveyed said that they need facilities for moving. The second biggest market for this kind of business is people doing some de-cluttering projects.

To minimize the stress of moving

There are a lot of different cases that property owners find themselves in when they are on the move. Regardless of whether they are moving to another city or moving into their first home, this activity tends to be a pretty stressful process. Sometimes, renting a temporary storage unit can provide answers to common moving problems. These are some common reasons individuals might rent storage units when planning a move.

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Downsizing – If people have to move into smaller homes quickly, they might not be able to sort through all their belongings properly. Instead of making rash decisions, they might regret sooner or later, they can put their excess baggage into these facilities to sort through after their move is over.

Staging homes for sale – If you have kids or pets, there is a good chance that you have tons of things in your house that do not necessarily look ready for real estate showings. A lot of realtors suggest that renting small storage facilities to keep bulky items off-site during the selling process is the best way to organize things before staging.

The closing date is pushed back

If people need to be out of their apartments on a certain date, but the closing date will not happen one month later, storage units will be a necessity. It is pretty inconvenient for people to move twice, but at least they know their valuable items will be kept safe and sound in the meantime.

Transient jobs with no permanent physical address

If individuals are traveling outside the country or they are in the military, having storage units with their home base valuables might be routine. Once they are better positioned to put down roots, these facilities can be replaced with longer-term houses or apartment units.

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Consolidating homes

It can happen when couples first move in or when elderly parents move in with their kids. In these situations, there is a good chance that there are tons of excess valuables. Storage units can provide people time to get through stressful transitions.

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Help provide more space at residential properties

Even before the Marie Kondo era, property owners have had strong desires to do de-cluttering projects. But sometimes, they are not in a position to get rid of valuable items because of sentimental value. They might belong to a friend or family members that are out of town. 

A lot of homeowners will temporarily rent storage facilities so they can slowly do de-cluttering projects and keep their properties tidy and organized. Individuals who love interior decorating can also use these units to decorate a house so that they can switch out easily.

To keep cars safe in the offseason

Property owners store more than just their vehicles. Recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles can all be found in these facilities during the offseason. A lot of people do not have large enough garages or driveways to keep their “Toys for the big boys,” so storage buildings are usually a more affordable option to store these things. There are other ways to store cars or vehicles than inside standard storage units.

Most facilities proved these options:

Climate controlled indoor units

Outdoor parking areas

Covered spaces

Organize home renovations

Property owners might not be moving, but they decided to tear off the back of their properties and build an extension.

To store their family members or loved ones’ belongings

When a family member or loved one dies or passes away, going through their property is not the first thing on people’s to-do list. But there is usually a push to get the property emptied so the house can be rented or sold. If a person’s grandparent or parent did not downsize before they died, sometimes the number of things can be pretty overwhelming. 

People who are dealing with death might put these things into facilities and process them when things are less raw. Waiting for short periods before sorting a dead relative’s valuable item will help emotions run less hot. Valuables people would have fought over might be handled with less anger and more grace when individuals have healed emotionally.

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