Plus Minus Air Cooler Compared to AC

If you do not want the entire room in the house to use AC – perhaps the reason is to save electricity bills, then an air cooler can certainly be an option.

Unlike the fan that only produces wind alone, the air produced by the air cooler feels much cooler and cooler. Because at the back of the air cooler is added a box containing cold water to make the air cool and cold when turned on.

But before you decide to use it, know the pluses and minuses of air coolers compared to air conditioners

Easy maintenance

Compared to air conditioners that must be cleaned and serviced by experts every 2 months, you can clean the water cooler yourself. You only need to clean the dust and stick to replace the water in the box. This clearly makes the water cooler more cost effective maintenance.

More efficient

Because of its relatively small size and easy to carry, the air cooler is also easily moved to another room as needed. Even the air produced by the air cooler is not like an air conditioner that relies on a compressor.

Save more electricity

Air cooler does not have a compressor, so it does not require a large amount of electricity compared to AC. Even if you use it all day, the air cooler only requires electricity around 10-15% of the electricity used by AC. The price of the water cooler is much cheaper than air conditioning.

The air is moist

Well, this is one drawback of the air cooler compared to air conditioning. Because it uses water vapor, the air produced by the air cooler tends to be damp. For that you should not use the air cooler in a very closed room because it risks causing bacteria or fungi in the room.

Not cool enough

Cool only at a certain distance

Compared to air conditioners that provide overall coolness in one room, the air cooler only cools the room at a certain distance. The temperature cannot be adjusted to your needs.

In addition, the air cooler is also not equipped with an air filter, in contrast to air conditioners that are equipped with air filters so that it does not produce dirty air, even preventing germs and bacteria from entering the room.

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If you are looking for the best evaporative cooler at an affordable price, you can try VankoolVABW06-ACDC.

Air Cooler VankoolVABW06-ACDC

VankoolVABW06-ACDC Air Cooler became the first Vankool water cooler to the market for the air conditioner category. At present, the VankoolVABW06-ACDC Air Cooler is a concern for many people to buy affordable air-conditioning products. But, the given water capacity for the air cooler variant is only given a water storage capacity of 4.5 liters. This is reasonable at the price given. However, with that capacity, it can last for quite a long time, because the workings of this water cooler is to only rotate the water, so that the reduced water needs a long time to be able to use it.

In addition, the water used can use cold water so that the air produced will feel more a cold. In addition, another advantage that makes this water cooler so attractive is the use of power. By using a relatively small wattage of power, of course it can save your electricity expenditure. You have seen the comparison between the air cooler and the air conditioner in my writing above. So you can still feel the cooler like ac but with power that is so economical.

With an elegant and luxurious design make this air cooler very well placed in various corners of your room. Besides that, it is equipped with many features offered for this VankoolVABW06-ACDC Air Cooler. The first feature is the auto drain feature, this feature functions as an air purifier from free radicals and bad particles contained in the air.

In addition there is a humidifier feature which feature is to maintain the humidity of the air cooler. Humid air that fits right is very good for skin health, so it is perfect for those of you who are taking care of your skin. Maybe it was the features that I gave, but there are many more features provided by the Kangaroo air cooler, but I will continue on the next air cooler variant because it is almost the same as both of these air cooler variants.

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