3 Reasons Function and Form Matter in Decor

Everyone wants to be surrounded by beautiful decor, but if that decor isn’t functional, it can be a detriment. For example, imagine a chair that’s gorgeous to look at, but extremely uncomfortable to sit in. It may be a nice piece, but it’s doesn’t serve a function. Find out why it’s important for each piece to have a purpose, be mindful of trends and retain its value.


When you’re trying to settle on decor for a space, you must first decide what that space will be used for. Once you know the space’s function, you can choose items that are purposeful. Functional fine art can be a way for you to spice up the most basic of features. For example, an intricately designed steel gate can add a unique touch to your home garden or back patio entrance that is both lovely and useful.


Styles change with the times, so when you’re making changes to the decor, consider choosing large pieces that can act as mainstays. As small items like coffee tables, throw rugs or patio furniture change through the times, you’re mainstay items like doors, fireplaces and gates can remain. That way you can change things up without breaking the bank.  


Creating decor that has purpose and moves with the trends can add value to any space. If you ever think of reselling the home or business your decorating, it’s important to consider resale value. Accent pieces can be boxed up and traded out, but the cornerstone pieces in the space aren’t so easy to change. If you haven’t created a space that is functional and beautiful, you might not get what you think the property is worth. 

Trust Your Judgement

When in doubt, go with your gut. You know what each space needs, and what you like.

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