If you are looking at creating an additional room in your home, why not consider having a glass room added. A glass room will provide a stunning focal point to your home giving you maximum light, panoramic views and a modern feel to your home. Adding a glass room can add up to 10{02e21beb59b1df31df52f01e04ea99c95a2ad51089caffe33918efe7878483f7} on to the value of your home and can make for an amazing, usable living space. Much like conservatories, a glass room is built onto the house. The difference between the two is that a glass room is exactly as the name suggests … a room made almost entirely of glass. This type of extension can serve as a way to bring the outdoors and indoors together, merging the boundaries between the two. A glass room can be used as a dining room allowing you to enjoy the feeling of alfresco dining no matter the weather, it can be used in colder climates for creating a lush, tropical garden room giving you your own tropical paradise to enjoy year round.

Most glass rooms will feature bi-folding doors allowing you to open the walls up to the outside, they also feature self-cleaning glass making maintenance and upkeep a cinch. When having a glass room installed it is always a good idea to try to get it to fit with the currents architectural design of the house and a bespoke made room can achieve that with ease. A glass room is a quick and easy installation and compared to brick and mortar extension can be constructed in half the time while giving twice the impact. The glass used in glass rooms is reinforced and shatterproof and provides a strong yet beautiful effect that will enable you to swing open the doors and turn your room into a garden veranda. The addition of a glass room will allow for better protection of your garden furniture against the weather and harsh elements and prove to be a functional yet highly fashionable place to grow tropical and heat loving plants. As the room is comprised of mainly glass, this allows plenty of sunlight to fill the room and leads to a warming effect that is ideal during the colder autumnal and winter months.

It is during the winter months that the garden is least used. This is because the rain, ice and freezing temperatures don’t make for an enjoyable experience. A glass room can give you the feeling of being outdoors while keeping you nice and toasty and allows for an increase in UV light which is converted into vitamin D and can help prevent S.A.D over the long winter months. Having a room that brings the outdoors and indoors together as one makes for an amazing space that will help you and your family build fantastic memories for years to come. While the cost of a glass room can sometimes be expensive, it is an investment for your home that will help you make the most of your garden too.

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