Fast Realistic 3D people in ArchViz with ActorCore & Unreal Engine

After this journey with Epic Games, I started to create fewer ArchViz scenes and focus more on gaming and environments. It makes me tell a story in a cinematic way, creating my compositions and drawing on my photoreal and lighting experience.

Make your Archviz come to life with Reallusion ActorCore scanned people.

The difference from other scanned people is that this one is fully rigged for facial and body motion. For this scene, I wanted to create a sunset scenario with a house party going on. The house model is from Evermotion and was modified a bit before I imported it into Unreal Engine using Datasmith.

All interior furniture and props are modeled with 3ds Max and Quixel materials. Trees were created using Speedtree. The water reflections give the scene more realism using Lumen for GI, and Reflections helps achieve that also with Unreal Engine 5.

Populating your scenes using Actorcore is very simple, and you have animated crowds in minutes.

At this link, I will show you how

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