All about double Storey extension

If you are looking to maximize your space then the double-story extension is a great way of doing that. This is the cost-effective option which you can avail instead of moving to a bigger place. Many people either prefer rear extension or double story side for feasibility and convenience.

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Details of fixed price double storey extension

You need to drill into the reason why a double-storey extension is a better option to avail and better investment opportunity. the single storey doesn’t add value to the house which double story houses can surely do. As far as the adds on cost are concerned then there won’t be any additional roofing charges. The cost is thus consistent with roofing which interns make the cost per square meter of double-storey much less than that of a single story. Many people are concerned about the cost of fixed price double storey extension. Cost depends on several factors. One needs to seek the location and site access to determine the overall cost. These two factors are coupled with several other ones. For instance, one needs to look through the nature of the soil, the shape of the roof, windows finishes, underfloor heating, and other roof light. All such factors influence the total cost of a double-storey extension. You will need to look through the milestones which are involved in a double-storey extension project. One has to play planning fees, design fees, and consultant fees. As far as the design fees are concerned that there is an Architectural fee which falls between 3 to 7 percent of the total construction cost. This fees can mount to 15 %. 

Fees involved in fixed price double storey extension

You will find the difference in the design cost of fixed price double storey extension as well. This cost will differ according to the design which will choose. If you will go with a complex approach then be ready to pay an additional price. On the contrary, if your design is simple and straight forward then this will save you a lot of money. If you want to save the maximum from your budget then a wise approach would be to hire. Another cost-effective option is to hire a design and build company, that will quote your double extension including all the design fees. Some design and build companies might include planning fees in their quotes.  If you are wondering what consultant is responsible for then they survey buildings and prepare tree report. In the tree report, the consultant’s highlight which trees should be replaced and which removed. There is then a flood risk assessment and ecology assessments. There are additional key roles which consultant plays. For instance, one is responsible for preparing the archeological report.

Height of fixed price double storey extension

As far as the design of the fixed price double storey extension is concerned then there are certain planning rules. You need to realize that there are certain limitations in constructing the double-storey extension. One has to seek height and ensure that it does not go beyond roof eaves which already exist. 

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