6 Hacks For Properly Storing Your Car Rentals In A Storage Unit

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No one loves to meet a parked car in a near dead state. But this always happens and people go about to say parking a car for too long literally kills the car. Truth is, parking in itself doesn’t ruin the car, it is poor maintenance while parking that does that.

In this article, we’ll share six hacks for properly storing your car rentals in a storage unit with you. You’d also find Collected.Reviews very much informative as it contains a myriad of opinions about car services.

Below are six hacks for properly storing your car rentals in a storage unit.

1.  Clean The Car: 

If you really want to get your rental car in good condition, make sure to clean it properly before parking. Take out the little bread crumbs you ate in the car as well as every other thing that makes the car dirty. You know, parking a car that’s not properly cleaned encourages the growth of little ants and bacteria. Especially when the car is a little bit damp. After cleaning the car, open the windows to let in some air before you park.

2.  Lock The Doors: 

This is majorly for security’s sake. You sure don’t want the car to get stolen, do you? Anyone can easily steal a car with open doors. This is why we advise you to always be on top of your security game. Losing a car, especially a rental, can wreck the strongest person.

3.  Cover The Car: 

You can do this with a large car cover. This shields the car from hazards and other common accidents that involve parked cars. If you store the car in a roofed garage, you may not necessarily need to cover the car. It’s dangerous and unwise to leave a car in the open air. As natural as rainfall is, it could lead to rust in the car when it is left uncovered.

4.  Make Use Of A Battery Maintainer: 

A battery maintainer is a simple device that charges the battery of a stationary car little by little so it isn’t completely dead. Battery maintainers increase battery life and prevent battery damage.

5.  Bring The Windows Down: 

To ensure proper storage and ventilation, try to bring the wind down the windows of the parked car at intervals. This way, the car won’t be stuffy.

6.  Change The Oil: 

Nothing spoils a parked car more than leaving old oils in it for a long time. Even if the car is parked, do well to change the oil at calculated intervals. This will help you keep the car in good shape. For this purpose, we recommend oils that do not contain methanol. Oils that contain methanol are known to cause the release of water into the tank.

Final Notes

These hacks will certainly keep your rental cars in good shape in the storage unit. These are the little things that’d help you keep your money safe in your pocket instead of repairing a damaged car.

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