This 80+ Year Old Locally Owned Garden Center Is Honestly Kind Of Magical

I don’t know what exactly happens when you turn 30, but suddenly you find yourself looking forward to a weekend trip to the garden center. But not just any old garden center: specifically Oakland Nursery.

This locally owned garden center has been the destination of thirty-somethings like me (and Columbusites of all ages) for over 80 years and for good reason. A stroll through Oakland kind of feels like strolling through a magical wonderland.

Oakland Nursery was founded in 1940 on Maize Pike where it operated for 10 years before moving to its current location on Oakland Park Ave. Since 1950, Oakland Nursery has been the go-to destination for spring flowers, summer ferns, fall mums, Christmas trees, and everything in between.

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Today, there are actually four Oakland Garden Centers around the city that you can visit, but there’s something incredibly special about the original location.

When I say you can get everything at Oakland, I really mean it. If you need it for your garden, you will absolutely find it there. I am admittedly pretty new to keeping plants alive, but my bad luck with plants has been slowly transformed into a basic-yet-charming garden thanks to my visits to Oakland.

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Initially, I was just tagging along with my sister, who definitely has a green thumb. But after I was walking around for a while, I started to feel pretty excited at the potential. At that point, it was definitely false confidence, but I started to imagine how I could bottle up the magic of the garden center itself and take it home with me.

There are rows and rows and rows of every kind of plant you could want. Trays of flowers sit under stunning hanging baskets. Tall grasses and impressively huge ferns line the aisles. Around every corner you’ll find an employee who isn’t just going through the motions but who can’t wait to share their knowledge with you.

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If you don’t trust your own landscaping instincts, you can also take advantage of the many services offered at Oakland. From design and planting to irrigation and holiday design, they really do it all.

On your journey to becoming an Oakland Nursery superfan, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of their Loyalty Program. It’s free to join and every time you come in for some new flowers for the flowerbed or hanging baskets for the porch, you’ll earn points that can be used. for future discounts.

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One of the best things about Oakland is the way they go all out for seasonal festivals. In the autumn you can stop by for pumpkins, gourds, and everything else you need to create epic fall vibes.

But there’s no time more magical to visit than when you are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. All of the Oakland locations set up tree lots after Thanksgiving where you can purchase the picture-perfect tree for your holiday gatherings.

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I never imagined that one day in my mid-thirties I’d be writing a love letter to a garden center, but what can I say? It’s just a wonderful place that makes it easy to see the beauty in the world because it’s growing and thriving in every nook and cranny of Oakland Nursery.

For more info about this locally-owned gem, you can visit their website at

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