The AeroGarden Harvest Is the Mini Garden Gift That Keeps on Giving

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The best neighbors I’ve ever had gave me carte blanche to harvest anything I wanted from their herb garden. Whether I needed basil for my tomato sauce or rosemary for chicken, fresh herbs were down the stairs and a few steps to the right. When I moved to a condo 200 miles away in March, one of my regrets was leaving behind not only my sweet friends next door, but their herbaceous generosity.

Enter: The Aero Garden Harvest. It’s a hydroponic system, complete with a grow light, that sits on your countertop and lets you grow whatever collection of herbs, greens, peppers, tomatoes or flowers you’d like out of seed pods. This particular model offers six slots for pods.

Why it’s a great gift: The AeroGarden is perfect for anyone who wants to have a mini garden but is short on outdoor space or doesn’t have that natural insight for keeping plants alive. It’s also for anyone who still wants fresh herbs when it’s too cold to grow them outside. For me, I love plants but I don’t have a yard, so it’s a convenient way to bring some gardening inside. I also love cooking, and having access to fresh herbs feels like a treat. Plus, the light operates on a timer, and the AeroGarden reminds you when to add water and plant food.

What you’ll pay: The list price for the AeroGarden Harvest is $165, but it can be found on sale for $130 or less.

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