8 Tips On How To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Colours For Indian House

In recent times, the need to have a home that is ravishing and beautiful is everyone’s dream. A lot of people crave a home with beautiful exterior paintings. To achieve this, there are suitable and simple ways to paint your home exterior. This article focuses on how best to give the outer part of your home a ravishing look.

As part of the renovation process, you might want to get some bedroom furniture. You should look for painted bedroom furniture stores and go through their stock to know if you would find the type of bedroom furniture that will suit you. You should also remember to go through the reviews of any companies you will be patronizing while renovating on BritainReviews. Below are some steps to follow to achieve this;

Clean the walls by using a pressure washer

To get the best result, ensure you remove dust and dirt that have built up over time in the house with a pressure washer. Do this from up to down of the building is a sophisticated and accurate way, extending by 8 inches of every stroke.

Fix spoilt surfaces

Before you begin painting, you have to go round the whole building checking for bad surfaces like metal, masonry, stucco or siding or wood to get them fixed. To do this, the application of epoxy filler to holes or cracks by using a spackle knife. When it gets dried, apply sand lightly by using a sanding block that is medium-grit.

Take out loose paint

Immediately the outer part is dried, take a walk around the home while observing chipped or loosed paint. Put some clothes on the floor and remove loose and chipped paint using a medium-grit sanding block or paint scraper.

Caulk Trim

Caulk gun or trim is used to fill all the gaps in between the house and trim around the windows and doors. If the house is built with different materials like brick or siding, then caulk should be added along the surface and at each point where these different materials are joined together.

Prime stains

The outer part should be thoroughly examined for any clear wood knots or stains for it to be fixed using a coat of primer for blockage of stains with a paintbrush.

Ensure your windows, doors and lights are very well protected

Your windows, doors, as well as all your lightings fixtures, should be protected with plastic sheets and tape for painters.

Painting the outer part

Fill in the paint sprayer with your preferred paint type. Apply the paint on the whole exterior wall of the house once or twice. Ensure that the paint touches the wall from up to down of the building is a sophisticated and accurate way, extending by 8 inches of every stroke. If peradventure you want to change the colour of the outer part of the building from a light colour to a dark colour, you should make sure to start with a coat of primer to make sure it is covered properly. Although you might not need a primer when you are coating the exterior with the same colour as it was before.

Painting of Trim and Doors

To paint doors, lighting fixtures and windows, you must first remove the plastic sheets covering the windows, doors and also lighting fixtures. Apply coating twice to the outer part of the building of your preferred paint type using a paintbrush. When you have completed the coatings of the whole building, you can now remove the drop cloths placed on the floor at the beginning.

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