Neighbor demands woman stop garden workouts – as they sound ‘erotic’

A new mum was left stunned after a judgy neighbor complained that her garden workouts sounded too “erotic”.

The woman from Scotland turned to Mumsnet for advice after the remark left her speechless. She told the platform that she had gotten into a morning exercise routine while her baby napped and her husband worked from home.

All was going well until her neighbor knocked and asked her to move the workouts inside as “they were trying to relax in their back garden in peace and watch their fish.”

Her husband heard the comment and “politely” told them she wasn’t making much noise. He highlighted, “it’s daylight, and we are entitled to work out in our garden,” before asking them what they will say when their daughter is older and playing outside.

The woman recalled the neighbors responding, “that’s different,” suggesting that her “panting noises were a bit ‘erotic sounding'”.

Their solutions? For her to join a gym.

The woman expressed her outrage to Mumsnet, writing: “I’m actually really annoyed. We have CCTV outside the property, so I checked to hear how loud I am when working out and honestly hardly any noise, mostly just heavy breathing, which the camera struggled to pick up.

“It’s not like I’m making noises like Monica from friends when she gets her massage.”

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The woman asked fellow users their opinions, which garnered an overwhelming sense of support.

“It’s your garden, you aren’t being unreasonable to work out in it at all,” one said. “They can’t hear what you’re listening to. If it bothers them, they can wander inside for the time you’re doing it.”

“Your neighbors are being ridiculous,” another added. “They are basically complaining about you breathing in your garden for 20 minutes.”

While a third said: “Your neighbor is bonkers. You are perfectly entitled to exercise in your own garden for as long as you like.”

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