Life in an Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters


Living in an offshore oil rig is just like living in a floating town because it’s like having buildings in the ocean. If you are going to look at the set up, then you might think that life is not normal here and that these people have their own world. It is indeed true that the people in this quarter are on a different platform, but their life is not a joke. They are just being brave and facing life challenges far from their family and friends.

Anyway, if you are working offshore, you can find a home, a family and circle of friends, too. Your living quarters can be your home and the people you are working with can be your family or friends. If you are working here, you need to socialize and talk with your co-workers to avoid depression and relieve from stress. But, you are not there to play jokes with everybody, to gamble or to have a party.

Different countries need oil for transportation and other purposes. This is the reason why these Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters are existing. This is a place for the workers and every personnel working under a petroleum industry. They work to find oil and supply it to different countries all over the world.

Complexity of Job

Do you think working on an oil rig is easy? An employee needs to work for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours. The shifting happens during the day and night. Please, be informed that these oil rigs are continuously operating 24 hours. It would be more difficult if the workers are not enough. That is why before this worker jumps on this platform, they are given trainings to make sure that they are fit for the job.

When working, you have to wear the proper attire. It could have been easier to work when simply wearing soft clothes for ease of moving. But, these workers are putting on heavy clothes from top to bottom. If your body is weak, then you might find the suit heavy. But, if you are fit for the job, you will not actually find it difficult.

Convenience of staying in Living Quarters

Workers do not really need to have a problem when it comes to food because that is provided. When you are living in the quarters, you will even find someone collecting your laundry and cleaning your room. There is even a space for those who smoke.

Various facilities, such as television, workout and sports facilities are even available. This only shows that you can still live a normal life, even if you are in the ocean, where you can’t easily reach the land.

Risking your Life

You are living in the ocean and when the storm comes, the risk is there. Workers can’t avoid experiencing a fight and survival with the big waves. And then, you are using machines. When the machine fails, it might cause a fire.

But, you are not alone in this kind of job. Everybody is there and would do their best to keep you safe. There are also paramedics in this quarter.

Can you choose your offshore living quarters?

It could have been better if you can choose an offshore living quarter manufacturer, who can provide you a safe place. You can do by simply checking the background of the manufacturer. You may also need to hear comments from their previous workers. Through their experience, you will know if the manufacturer is reliable.

It is very important for a worker to know the morale of the manufacturer, who will provide you the living quarters. If this company is confident enough and can manage the oil rig workers well, then it must be a good one. Know how their workers are treated because this will also affect your work performance.

There are various manufacturers offering offshore living quarters. But, it is not that easy to choose one. So, all you need to do is to make a research and thorough reading regarding the manufacturers. This is the simplest way on how you can choose an offshore living quarter. This is a risky and difficult job. So, you have to be tough in finding the right manufacturer.

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