Easy Ways to Clean the Air at Home to Always Clean and Fresh Every Day

Air pollution in big cities has always been a topic that is often discussed. However, did you know that indoor pollution is 2-5 times higher than outdoor?

This is influenced by several factors. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, one of them is caused by cigarette smoke. Chemicals from cigarette smoke can stick to various angles and slopes in the house for years, the air quality in the house is poor. Healthy air is a very important requirement so that you can be free from all kinds of dangerous diseases.

In addition, various other things such as microbes, ventilation disturbances, trapped outside pollution also worsen the air quality in the house. Poor air quality can invite various diseases such as headaches, allergy symptoms, asthma, ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection), and many other diseases.

Did you know that the air you breathe every day is not necessarily 100% clean? The reason is, there is dust, bacteria, and even harmful substances that are invisible in the air around you. If the air in you is not clean, then you lose with the air. Well, dirty air every day can affect the health of your respiratory and immune systems. What is the easiest way to clean the air at home? here he is.

You must have thought that home is one of the safest places from air pollution. Inside the house, you can be free from dust, dirt, smoke, and air pollution that can interfere with your health. Although that’s certainly not entirely true. The reason is, air pollution is not only found on the road but also indoors. It is quite difficult to guarantee your home is free from pollution.

Dust stuck to the carpet, damp walls due to water seepage, and piles of old items can cause air pollution in the room. Not to mention pollution from cigarette smoke, house cleaning agents that can trigger allergic reactions, to air filters that are rarely cleaned. Make sure you always clean the carpet and keep the walls moist.

Therefore, you need to keep the air clean at home to avoid various kinds of diseases, especially pandemic conditions in the middle like today. To implement the new policy or the new normal, try to take the time to clean the air at home in the following easy way.

• Open Doors and Windows

Make sure you always routinely open the doors and windows every morning and evening, both in the room and other rooms. This will help the air circulation in the house to be more awake. Dirty air that lands will be replaced with new, fresh air.

In addition, opening windows and doors regularly will be able to reduce air humidity that can settle in the house. If you use air conditioning (AC) in your home, be sure to turn it off before opening windows and doors.

• Dust Clean

Be sure to clean the corners of the house and furniture from dust. Clean sofas, carpets, and doormats using a vacuum cleaner. Use a dry cloth to sweep the dust that sticks to various furniture in the house. Do not forget to mop the floor at least once a day so that dust does not stick.

• Take advantage of ornamental plants

Not only as not only beautify the interior of the house, it turns out that some ornamental plants can clean the air in the house.

Lili Paris (Chlorophytum comosum) for example, can absorb harmful substances from formaldehyde and xylene in the air. Another example is the mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) which can absorb carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air. The loss of these harmful substances will certainly improve the air quality in your home.

• Use Air Purifier

Another alternative that can be done for you to maintain air quality is to use an air purifier or air purifier.

The device consists of a filter and a fan that sucks in dirty air, filters it, and recirculates the filtered air of various harmful particles.

In addition, you can also install an exhaust fan as a tool to maintain air circulation so that it continues to run properly. At this time you can find and get an air purifier at the air purifier manufacturer.

• Avoid Smoking Indoors

You must have heard of the second-hand smoker. What about third-hand smokers? Well, third-hand smokers are people who are exposed to the dangers of cigarette smoke coming from furniture and items with cigarette particles attached.

Smoking indoors not only harms active smokers but also passive smokers. The harmful compounds in cigarette smoke can also stick to the furniture in the house. As a result, the possibility of these harmful compounds being inhaled by all family members is quite large.

If you want to smoke, it would be nice if you smoke outside the room. So that the smoke from cigarettes does not get into your house.

• Reduce Use of Carpets

Carpets are the best nest for dust which is a source of indoor air pollution. Therefore, you need to reduce the use of carpets in every corner of the room. Dust is a fine particle that can stick to fabrics and carpets, then cause indoor air pollution that is dangerous because it can threaten health.

That’s information about Easy Ways to Clean the Air at Home to Always Clean and Fresh Every Day, Hopefully, the information we provide can be useful for all of you.

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