Do you need activated charcoal for succulent glass terrarium?

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If you are fond of growing succulents in closed terrariums then this article is for you. You must be aware that succulents thrive in high light intensity where there is low moisture. Succulent lovers mostly have every ingredient which is an absolute necessity to make a perfect terrarium. But this every ingredient does not count charcoal. You need to realize that charcoal is a vital element for a terrarium for several reasons. Charcoal is that magical ingredient that gets rid of odors and other toxins. Now a question must be popping inside your head that what if you don’t have charcoal? Well, you can still make a terrarium in that case but you will have to go the extra mile for ensuring the health of your plants. You will have to take any other steps in that case which will make sure that the environment inside the terrarium remains odor-free and clean. This article further details how charcoal plays a vital role in removing toxins and other odors. 

Toxins in a succulent glass terrarium 

If you will be making use of charcoal in succulent glass terrarium then this will remove the toxins by absorbing chemicals. You must be aware that there are several chemicals found in air, water and soil and such chemicals build up in a terrarium which is not a positive process. These chemicals can damage the plants. If you will not be making use of charcoal then take a few extra steps to protect your plants from the harmful effects of chemicals. You need to make use of distilled water as tap water can introduce several unwanted chemicals. Next, you need to ensure that you open the lid of your terrarium frequently Why? Well, you need the chemical to escape to the air.

Odors in a succulent glass terrarium

You must be aware of the common problems which occur in the closed terrarium and one of it is an unpleasant odor. This problem does not occur in succulent glass terrarium as they are open ones. But for closed ones, you need a smell absorbent and one of which is charcoal. Skipping the use of charcoal means experiencing odors which are the result of soil and plant decomposition. You do know that mildew and mold decomposes and releases an unpleasant smell. If you will not be making use of charcoal then take a few measures to get rid of the unpleasant smell. You need to open the lid of the terrarium for a few hours every day as this process will allow the air to circulate. By increasing the flow of air, you will be cutting down odor caused by mildew and mold. There is another factor which you need to keep in mind while opening the terrarium for a few hours. This process will allow the moisture to evaporate which means you have to compensate for the loss by water more frequently. 

Drainage of succulent glass terrarium

You should know that succulent glass terrarium needs a drainage layer. As without it, the excess can lead to root rot. If you want to ensure that water doesn’t remain saturated in soil then make use of about 1-inch layer of charcoal. This will act as a drainage layer. People often substitute charcoal with gravel. 

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