A Wondrous Wood Home in Hyogo Centers Around a Tranquil Garden

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Project Details:

Locations: Hyogo, Japan

Architects: Atsushi Kawanishi Architects

Builders: Kohatsu

Structural Engineer: Jun Yanagimuro Structural Design

Landscape Designs: 3Leaves Garden Office

Lighting Designs: DAIKO

Footprints: 1400 square feet

From the Architects: This is a house that connects two gardens in a surrounding environment and three gardens inside the interior. In the front garden, where the neighbors’ children play, they do DIY projects and make firewood. From the south garden where the wind is blowing, Osaka Airport and Osaka’s city center can be seen far away. The inside of the third garden is a buffer that connects the outside garden with the interior. The lower flat roof hangs above the connecting section. The gardens gradually divide the residence and create harmony for the environment both at home and from the outside. The wall facing the garden separates the space and gives birth to a polyhedron garden.”

“Each location has a unique facade and leads to other parts of the residence. The garden and the living room are connected in the interweaving of each other and are connected to the outside world.”

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