5 Smart Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Summers

Summer as a season is pleasing because the blossoming of flowers makes it light hearted, and it is all about relaxing and enjoying the juicy fruits offered by nature. But with the pleasures of summers also comes the scorching heat of the sun. Therefore, it is the right time to make changes to adjust to the changing weather conditions by adding different warm weather-inspired accessories into your home décor.

Summer is gearing up but is your home ready for the change of season? People are making efforts to make their home summer-ready by removing floor carpets, swapping dark curtains with vibrant and colorful curtains and by adding some indoor plants to create a pleasant and cooling effect moreover, plants also add to the aesthetics of your home. With the change of season, everything changes and so does the focal point of décor.

Like, for the winter season the fireplace is the focal point but with the arrival of summer season you can create other focal points and decorate your home around them. For example, you can make your garden the focal point by installing décor items around the window that invites the pleasant feeling and gives an aesthetic touch to your home. As it is rightly said that home is the place where your heart is, therefore you need to furnish your home in a way that makes it more welcoming and make you enjoy the time spent at home.

The warm outdoors and cool evening breezes make your home the best place to get rid of anxiety and relax.  Enlisted in this article are the smart and affordable ways in which you can make your home ready and attractive for the season of summer.

1.   Add more vibrant colors to your decor:

 Bringing in light and vibrant colors to your home décor is a great way to brighten your spirits to welcome the summer season. Soft pastel tones are the best choice for summer as they are soothing to the eye and creates a more spacious feel.  Light colors reflect sunlight as compared to the dark colors that absorb sunlight and radiate heat. Therefore to get rid of the heat and create a cooling effect swap all the dark colors with the light ones in the season of summer. You can add a statement piece in the form of a colorful couch and place it in the favorite spot of your living room, you can give this focal point a bold look by placing different accessories in vibrant shades around it.

2.   Use indoor plants as the décor material:

The best way to counter the scorching heat of summer season is to add indoor plants to your home décor. The colors and amazing shapes make your home look fresh and bright and are perfect for every room in the house. If you want to add natural fragrance to your home plant the flowers of lavender in a pot and place them near a window. You can also add money plants or other indoor wall plants to create a refreshing, natural and calming look. Lush green plants can help you purify the air around you and lift the feel of your room.

3.   Stay in bloom:

The best way to welcome summer is to get rid of drapery material and replace them with floral and colorful patterns. Curtains are imperative to block that hard-hitting heat from entering in your home. The best solution to counter the harshness of the season is to use tropical prints in the fabric as a bed comforter to lift your mood and that of the room too. You can further complement the cheerful bed comforter with accent pillows in fun and floral patterns to give your room a summery look.  This is the perfect season to invest in renovating your home by changing the color scheme all over.

4.   Change the lightening scheme:

 To give an artistic touch to your home try swapping the harsh fluorescent light bulbs with lanterns in your living area.  Each lantern purrs with a warm radiance. That radiance calms your heart, focuses your mind, and transforms your day. The lanterns will serve as a focal point of décor and if complemented with artificial flowers can give the room more exotic touch and make it a serene place. Take advantage of hot summer nights with hanging patio lanterns, and graphically printed napkins and placemats for outdoor dining.

5.   Invest in new outdoor furniture:

 Renovating the outdoor furniture is equally important as renovating the indoor furniture because it can help you to enjoy the cool evening breeze. The choice of outdoor furniture is a direct reflection of our personality and depict our esthetic sense. Furniture plays a vital role in hosting your friends and guests, so it needs proper reharling such as changing the fabric, polishing the tarnished furniture, use spray paints to change the boring and dull colors.

Hanging lamps can be utilized both as an outdoor and indoor décor as they add an element of warmth and give it a sophisticated touch. Cushions with fancy patterns can add more charm to your furniture and make the space lively, and you can also use rugs of vibrant colors to add to this look. The addition of accessories such as candle holders and lanterns can be used as a source of light as well as create an entertaining and relaxing environment. You can give the enduring last touch by adding some fresh flowers in an eye-catching vase. This floral arrangement can add more elegance and give you a new life to your backyard

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