4 Top Home Design Trends For 2021 That You Need to Try.

Interior design trends are constantly changing with new trends coming in and all the trends going out of style.

2020 has been one long year and the design world has been longing to see what 2021 has in store

Many trend experts and high-profile designers have shared their insight and predictions for what trends are going to be popular and quickly adopted in the year 2021.

The home interior design spectrum is also not an exemption. Newer trends are hitting the industry as older ones are becoming absolute.

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Home interior decor trends range from kitchen trends, colour patterns, bathroom trends, wallpaper trends to even garden trends.

However, home renovations sometimes can be a little bit tricky. Some homeowners are oblivious to the fact that when renovating your home to adhere to current trends, some of your items in your home are susceptible to damage.

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Therefore, we’re going to take a look at some of the various interior home decor trends that are growing in popularity.

These trends vary in style and taste, so there is something for everyone. You might not like everything you see here.

With this let’s take a deep dive into some home interior design trends in 2021.

1.  Vintage.

The vintage scheme has been one of the most prominent interior design trends that never seem to grow old or out of fashion.

Articles that make up the vintage scheme range from antique, salvaged, repurposed to retro pieces.

The scheme entails using strong colours, your favourite antique pieces and adhering to aless-is-more approach to attain a cohesive aesthetic.

The main aim of this approach is to attain plenty of contrast among elements in a room.

Don’t worry, this trend cannot be attained instantaneously, there’s a good amount of layers to pull off a vintage look in any of your rooms.

So, keep on adding more elements (elements with sentimental value) with time, to build up the different contrasting layers for a vintage-style scheme.

2.  Ocean Hues.

There is nothing that screams relaxing and contemporary than the subtle aqua and inky blues that resemble poolsides and beach gateways.

These colours all have a part in attaining a tranquil, yet modern and interior feel in any room.

The shift to this contemporary look has been quite evident over the last year and is becoming a force to be reckoned with in 2021.

Ocean blues without a doubt is one of the key colour trends for interior designs for this year.

The different shades that can be deduced from ocean blues are perfect for creating a tranquil home.

Shades from ocean blue ranges from Aquas, deep inky tones to soft blues.

If you’re aiming to achieve a relaxing and more than design for your home then be on the look for this trend.

3.  Eco Chic.

Are you sensitive to issues concerning the well-being of our ecosystems and sustainability?

Then this trend is one should take a closer keen eye to.

Eco-chic engages our senses with thoughtful designs and relaxing fabrics. This trend aims to tap into our spiritual connection to the environment and bring to light matters concerning sustainability.

The colours and textures that comprise articles that make up this trend are referenced from the environment.

The colour palette consists of moss green, earthy orange, golden beige and soft olive While textiles range from matt velvet, linen and boucle.

4.  House plants.

House plants have never been more fashionable than now.

There are many different types of houseplants that will match any theme that you have going in your rooms.

From the 1970s style hanging creepers to self-sustainable succulents to beautiful blooms, there is a houseplant to suit your style.

Not only do house plants give vibrant colours into our spaces but also are responsible for freshening the air by filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen.

This trend is most definitely suitable for anyone and everyone.


It is fair to state that 2021 holds some of the most interesting and captivating interior design trends.

From vintage-style aesthetics to relaxing tranquil ocean hues to eye-opening eco-chic trends and even adding house plants in our spaces.

There is something for everyone. Make sure you try out at least one of these trends and see how well they will work for you.  

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