German-themed pop-up beer garden coming to Des Moines Sept. 1

Central Iowa beer lovers will get a special treat starting next month. A German-themed pop-up beer garden will open on the weekends at Des Moines’s Water Works Park. There will also be German food such as bratwurst and pretzels.Even though beer is the focus, the organizers said the event will be family-friendly with lots of live music and games.The Biergarten opens in Water Works Park on September first and will be held every Thursday through Sunday in September and October.

Central Iowa beer lovers will get a special treat starting next month.

A German-themed pop-up beer garden will open on the weekends at Des Moines’s Water Works Park. There will also be German food such as bratwurst and pretzels.

Even though beer is the focus, the organizers said the

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Is there a more indispensable homeowner’s tool than the humble garden hose? It’s there when you need to water your plants, clean your car, rinse your patio furniture, spray your siding, maybe even douse yourself on a torrid day. and it should be about the most headache-free implement in your domestic arsenal. But in general, garden-hose technology has been, shall we say, lagging. Most are still too heavy and cumbersome, easily knots up, take up too much space, and kink just when you’re in the middle of a task. Who needs that aggravation? Not you! Luckily salvation has arrived in the form of this 100-foot wonder from the folks at Dewdroo.

How do we love this product? Let us count the ways. For one thing, it weighs in at just 4.6 lbs.— incredible considering its (potential) size and versatility. It features a durable, double latex core that’s endured high-strength blasting

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The new 2,000-square-foot Crevice Garden. Credit: EBRPD

A new rock garden inspired by natural rock outcrops in the high eastern Sierras and crevice gardens in Colorado opened Saturday in Tilden Regional Parks Botanic Garden.

The Crevice Garden, measuring just 50 feet by 40 feet, is the newest addition to the 82-year-old, 10-acre botanic garden, which prides itself on maintaining an extensive collection of rare, threatened and endangered California native plants. The new rock garden highlights native alpine plants from the high Sierra Nevada region of California.

EBRPD broke ground on the $70,000 Crevice Garden project in May 2020, with the bulk of construction happening in 2021. Funding came from EBRPD, the Regional Parks Foundation, and Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden.

Perhaps as a testament to the amount of thought that went into rock and plant placement, Michael Uhler, the gardener who manages the Sierran section, spent a year

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Hydroponic gardening is a great way to grow food—without soil—in smaller spaces. Here’s what you need to know.

Whether you’re interested in growing a small food garden at home or looking at larger-scale farming, hydroponic gardening provides a way to grow fresh, nutrient-rich food, free of pesticides, in a quickly changing world with limited resources. That’s because hydroponic gardening is on water and nutrients instead of soil, a finite resource, to grow plants.

Growing hydroponically has the added benefit that it can be done in places that were previously off-limits to gardeners and farmers, like small spaces and areas without healthy soil. It also typically uses less water than traditional gardening and farming. Different types of hydroponic gardening systems are available, making it accessible to anyone who would like to grow some of their own food—hello, year-round leafy greens and herbs!

“Hydroponic gardens are a part of the future of

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Missouri Botanical Garden set to open new visitor center

Employees of the Missouri Botanical Garden mingle in front of a video board during an open house for employees and their families at the Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022.

Robert Cohen, Post-Dispatch

Missouri Botanical Garden president Peter Wyse Jackson says he heard the word over and over from donors and employees at preview parties this week for the new, $100 million Jack C. Taylor Visitor Center.

“People weren’t just saying it,” said Wyse Jackson. “It was the whole sense of place. Their garden has been enhanced and strengthened, because it fits so well into the garden’s landscape.”

The garden, at 4344 Shaw Boulevard, will host the center’s grand opening ceremony for the public at 10 am Saturday with free admission Saturday and Sunday, courtesy of the Pohlmann Legacy. In lieu of a traditional ribbon cutting with giant scissors, Wyse Jackson will cut a fresh greenery

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Two years after her stage 4 metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, Jasmine Cloe, 47, passed away last week.

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — Time was the one thing Jasmine Cloe wanted everyone to take.

It was the only thing she couldn’t give more of.

Two years after her stage 4 metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, Cloe, 47, passed away last week.

Family, friends and neighbors gathered at her home, Saturday, to remember the “fairy garden” creator.

“This garden meant everything to my mom,” Cloe’s daughter, Kayalani said. “She started it when I was a little girl. She always had one in every house that we lived in.”

In her front yard, near the fairy gardens Cloe created to spread magic and wonder, people gathered for a vigil.

“She touched so many people,” Cloe’s husband, Frederick, said. “Just so lovely.”

Jasmine and Frederick were married for 28 years. In 10TV’s original story that aired in

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Dana Swisher, a teacher at Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera, watches a butterfly in the school garden on Thursday, Aug.  11, 2022. (Sherry LaVars/Marin Independent Journal)
Dana Swisher, a teacher at Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera, watches a butterfly in the school garden on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. (Sherry LaVars/Marin Independent Journal)

A Marin second-grade teacher who took a struggling school garden and turned it into a native plant ecosystem, community asset and educational platform has won an award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Dana Swisher, who has worked at Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera since 2006, was one of 11 school professionals throughout the nation to receive the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators at a ceremony Aug. 4 in Washington, DC

Neil Cummins Elementary School is part of the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District.

“This year’s award winners demonstrate how environmental education fosters our future stewards and innovators by connecting them to the soil, water and air around us,” Martha Guzman, a regional administrator for the EPA, said in a

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Small House DesignAs a bonus, since these houses are so small the owner can usually afford a lot increased high quality materials, customize in methods a traditional residence proprietor can only dream of and in many cases construct it themselves.

Start enterprise enterprise plans, sample contracts, Pattern enterprise plans, marketing strategy software, advertising plans, business contracts, and agreements..Worldwide decor, High tendencies of residence decorating concepts and interior design.Reference business – encyclopedia small business, Our encyclopedia of small enterprise is a comprehensive and simply accessible reference source for entrepreneurs that demand sensible data that can be.About. small business information, All about small enterprise information for begin-ups and present companies. every part it’s good to run a profitable small enterprise from business planning, business.

You’re planning to construct a house from a one-story design examples should pay extra attention to some issues. You need to pay attention to how the combination of the laying …

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Summer is one of the most rewarding seasons for gardeners, with everything from fruits and vegetables to bright blooms at their peak. Taking care of gardens in August is crucial to keep plants and crops thriving, but what exactly should you be doing? These are all the gardening jobs you need to do this month for the perfect summer display.

Speaking exclusively to, Emma Locker, gardening expert at DIY Gardenhas shared which five gardening jobs Britons should be doing this week.

Cut back lavender bushes

Pruning lavender is important in keeping a lavender plant producing the type of fragrant foliage that most gardeners seek.

English lavender has been flowering in full glory, but it’s time to cut the plant back if the blooms look a little tired.

Emma explained: “Trimming lavender is essential to the plant’s maintenance and will give the plant a fuller, bushier look when it

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With British gardens facing record temperatures, drought and hosepipe bans, it’s time for emergency measures. It’s particularly important because during drought, additional mains water is drawn from wild sources, affecting struggling wildlife. Here are some of the things you can do.

Be realistic

In times of drought there will be losses. To save water and sanitation, prioritise plants to keep and plants to lose. Anything easy to grow from seed or cutting should be left and grown again next year.

Create a plant ark

Although Noah had excess water, he could only fit two of each species in the ark. If you have repeats of perennials, focus on saving one of each to divide or take cuttings from next spring, and sacrifice the rest (Biblical references end here).

Use trays

Place dishes, plates, oven trays, anything you can find under all plant pots, saving every drop.

Use shade

Reduce watering

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