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Ten Home Improvements that Can Boost Your Property’s Value If you intend to sell your property fast and you want top dollar, one of the most important factors to consider is curb appeal. While curb appeal always attracts buyers, if you want to move your home quickly you’ll need to do other things. Your neighborhood and market conditions will dictate your strategy, but here are ten tips to help you make your property much more tempting to potential customers. Freshen up your landscape Add some color, using either potted flowers or flower beds, plant new bushes in place of old ones, and put down fresh grass. Any landscape improvements will be worth your while.
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Revamp your entryway
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Repaint your old front door or buy a new one. If your mailbox and house number look worn out, buy new ones. Replace your plumbing and lighting fixtures Gold fixtures went out of date long ago, and brass isn’t as popular as brushed nickel. Replacing out-of-date ceiling and bathroom fixtures can give your property a more modern look for a small sum. Do partial renovations Rather than demolishing an old bathroom, for instance, you can consider remodeling the existing tub and buying a new vanity. In your kitchen, you can buy new hardware and countertops but keep old cabinets. Removed outdated window coverings This reduces the risk of potential buyers being turned off because they don’t like your choice. Also, uncovered windows bring more light to the rooms. It’s impossible to guess which window treatments buyers like. Once the house is sold, you can offer the new owner what you removed. Replace old or dirty carpet You can try to clean it up first, but dirty carpets will always turn off possible buyers. In some cases, it’s better to remove the carpet if your floor is made of hardwood. Depersonalize That means taking away your family photos, taking down kids’ drawings, and emptying the refrigerator. Make it easier for new occupants to live in the house. Clean the home thoroughly Make sure to clean your property thoroughly before putting it on the market. Do not forget to clean the windows. Make the home shiny. Repaint the home Your orange room may appeal to you, but a potential may be turned off. Repaint every room with a neutral color. Applying fresh paint on your property also gives it a newer, more modern appearance. Change the siding While it may seem less glamorous, changing the siding of your house can be one of the best home improvement projects to boost the value of your home. Changing your siding will allow you to make a lasting impression on buyers looking to buy your property. If the siding is worn out, your property is not going to pull potential buyers. A new siding will set the tone of what potential buyers should expect to find in the house.