A woman has found herself at the center of controversy after she shared a sweet insight into the morning routine she shares with her husband.

On Friday, Daisey Beaton, 24, who owns a beauty company called The Wholistic Esthetician, revealed on Twitter that she and her husband Matt Beaton, 25, like to spend their mornings drinking coffee together in their garden.

“My husband and I wake up every morning and bring our coffee out to our garden and sit and talk for hours,” she wrote. “Every morning. It never gets old and we never run out of things to talk [about]. Love him so much.”

Although Beaton had apparently intended to share the tweet about her and her

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The redesigned Japanese Garden in Ashland’s Lithia Park is the long-awaited bridge between the respected Portland Japanese Garden and the famous Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Landscape designers Toru Tanakaa former garden director of the Portland Japanese Gardentransformed less than an acre of the 100-acre Lithia Park into an immersive horticultural experience orchestrated to erase outside concerns and plant people in the present.

Tanaka took full advantage of historic trees that had grown in the footprint reserved in 1915 for a Japanese garden. He maximized forested and mountain views beyond the garden’s fence, and created tranquil, contained areas that borrow from adjacent scenery.

Amid new plantings, accessible pathways and landscape lighting are towering pine trees and shimmering maples that have anchored the space for generations.

Although Ashland’s Japanese garden is small, it is a distinct, enclosed universe that evokes strong responses. It’s impossible to

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I don’t know what exactly happens when you turn 30, but suddenly you find yourself looking forward to a weekend trip to the garden center. But not just any old garden center: specifically Oakland Nursery.

This locally owned garden center has been the destination of thirty-somethings like me (and Columbusites of all ages) for over 80 years and for good reason. A stroll through Oakland kind of feels like strolling through a magical wonderland.

Oakland Nursery was founded in 1940 on Maize Pike where it operated for 10 years before moving to its current location on Oakland Park Ave. Since 1950, Oakland Nursery has been the go-to destination for spring flowers, summer ferns, fall mums, Christmas trees, and everything in between.

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Today, there are actually four Oakland Garden Centers around the city that you can visit, but there’s something incredibly special about the original location.

When I say

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President Biden looked lost in the woods during a tree-planting ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday when staffers needed to point him in the right direction.

The 79-year-old president and first lady Jill Biden had just planted a tree in honor of groundskeeper Dale Haney’s 50 years of working at the White House.

The president then walked off into the garden before turning around and ?“Where are we going?”

Staffers are heard off camera telling a baffled Biden how to get back inside the White House.

“What if I want to go that way?” the president appears to ask at one point, to which someone responds off camera, “You can go that way if you want.”

“You can do whatever you want,” another staffer assures the president.

“Yeah, I notice how much freedom I have,” Biden appears to joke as he joins his wife

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IN 1956, A nursery man from Denmark purchased several acres in Woodinville, then a rural community surrounded by farmland. Beginning with five existing glass greenhouses filled with nursery stock for the production of chrysanthemums and carnations, Egon Molbak and his wife, Laina, grew their family business into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved horticultural destinations.

Beginning in the 1970s, the retail nursery expanded to include comforts and furnishings for indoors as well as out, and became Molbak’s Garden + Home, a popular destination with something for everyone. Its first Poinsettia Festival was held in 1975 and quickly became a dazzling seasonal celebration attracting visitors from throughout the West.

Molbak’s was there at the birth of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in 1989 and for years produced ambitious display gardens, many designed by renowned Seattle-based landscape architect Robert Chittock. The wildly imaginative gardens attracted thrusts of visitors. Executed

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