New Construction under 4,000 Square Feet – Cantilever House

Resting on a narrow, steep lot north of downtown Boulder, the Cantilever House is constructed on a site that was deemed by many to be unbuildable. It took months working with City Planners to interpret the complex zoning regulations. In the end, our goal was to design a modern, livable home within these constraints that took advantage of panoramic views in every direction.

The main influence in the design is the essence of simplicity, its composition, and purity of form. While the home has a definite geometric elegance, there is a hidden playfulness found within. The design places the primary living zones, encompassing the dining room, kitchen and living room on the upper floor that cantilevers out over the lower courtyard, 2 stories below. Accessed from a beautiful entry sequence, the front door opens to an eye-catching view through the skylight

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At the time of the article, it was unclear what might have caused the collapse. But according to officials with the Army Corps of Engineers, the governing body who manages Lake Georgetown in which Crockett Garden resides, the frigid temperatures in all likelihood caused the incident.

“While it is a unique location on our trail this area is a natural feature and I can only assume due to the frigid temperatures we experienced is what caused a section to separate. Like all natural features, mother nature is in control,” the organization told KXAN in a statement. “The area is part of the wildlife area around the lake and will continue to be open to the

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HMH Architecture + Interiors Wins 2022 AIA Colorado Firm of the Year

BOULDER, CO – AUGUST 31, 2022: AIA Colorado, the Colorado Chapter of The American Institute of Architects, announced the 2022 Design + Honor Awards recipients, recognizing Colorado architecture firms, projects, and architects for outstanding design and exemplary service.

The Firm of the Year Award recognizes the collaboration among individuals in a firm who have produced distinguished architecture, made significant contributions to leadership in the profession and to their community.

Established in 1989, HMH has flourished on the foundation cast by founding Principal Harvey M. Hine, who sought to create a collaborative architecture firm of designers who share a passion for design and possess an interminable work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit. As they have grown to a staff of nine, they have retained the creative

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Pillow fight! Playful fox cubs are caught grappling over cushions left for them to sleep on in the garden

  • The two cubs were chasing each other when they were caught on camera
  • Dora Nightingale, from Worthing, West Sussex, filmed the adorable footage
  • She was contacted by a resident ‘annoyed with fox cubs chewing her plants’

A pair of playful fox cubs were captured grappling over a cushion left for them to sleep on while exploring a garden in West Sussex.

The two cubs were chasing each other and practicing their best prey kicks when they were caught on camera by wildlife activist Dora Nightingale.

Filmmaker Ms Nightingale from Worthing, West Sussex, filmed the adorable footage after being contacted by a resident who wanted advice on how to

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SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)-When you think of airports, you probably think of baggage claims or crowds of people. But if you’ve been to the Spartanburg Memorial Airport recently, you’ll think of the garden.

“We’re looking at a way of providing, you know, some type of food back to the community from the airport,” said Terry Connorton, Director of the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport.

After acknowledging the presence of food insecurity in Spartanburg, Connorton said he spoke to the Hub City Farmers Market. They said despite an airport sounding like an unlikely place for a successful garden, it’s actually the opposite.

“This form of regenerative agriculture will take the carbon emissions that’s happening all around us at the airport due to the aircraft, and it’ll sequester the carbon in the soil,” said Dori Burgess, executive director of Hub City Farmers Market. “So it’s a form of taking these carbon emissions and using

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