Why Professional Photographers Still Win Over Your Uncle With the Fancy Camera

Most smartphones also have cameras built-in that allow for capturing high quality images. The ubiquitous selfies aside, even amateurs can capture an astounding photo on occasion with them. However, for the millions of pictures snapped everyday by cell phone-toting Americans, the real gems of photography are still left to those who have professionally mastered the craft using professional gear. A professional photographer can even kick cell phone images up a few notches, but it is the combination of pro equipment and pro experience that makes the difference, and here is why.

The Technical Details Behind the Images

Do you know how to use bokeh to make the subject of a portrait take center stage in a photo? Do you know what bokeh is? It is the way each camera lens renders the out-of-focus areas of bright light. This effect causes separation between the subject in sharp focus and the background … Read more

Got Wooden Furniture? Here’s How To Care For It

Wood furniture has a certain look and feel to it that is unlike anything else you can find in your home or apartment. It is for this reason that owners take their wood furniture pieces from place to place. Wherever the owner goes, the wood furniture pieces look beautiful in all of them.
But just because solid wood furniture is strong and beautiful does not mean that it gets shielded from the wear down of all-day usage. Everything from water spills, faded finishes, surface cracks and scratches can ruin the look and shine of your beloved piece of wooden furniture. While a great piece of wooden furniture can last you decades, it will take a great deal of upkeep to keep it looking as good as new. That’s why this article will reveal a couple of ways that you can take care of your wooden furniture so that it looks … Read more