ANIMA ALL RELEASED! New Subscription Service by AXYZ Design

AXYZ design S.R.L. announces the launch of a new subscription service called anima ALL! offering a unique and innovative solution for the distribution and use of 3D human models.

For almost two decades, 3D artists and architects have been turning to various online stores to search for and purchase royalty-free 3D human models to suit their project needs. This reality not only implies a high initial cost for the purchase of models but also for the number of hours dedicated to the adaptation of materials, textures, and meshes, given the great heterogeneity of the sources. anima all offers a versatile and powerful product, specifically developed to populate both complex animations and static images, with photorealistic characters of the highest quality, with a unique rental solution at an extremely competitive price.

  • 1 anima® PRO Workstation floating licenses (3 devices),
  • Plugins for 3ds Max®, Cinema 4D®, Maya®, and Unreal Engine 4®,
  • All metropoly® 3D people available in the online catalog,
  • Rigged, Ready-Posed, Ambient, and animated 4D Digital Humans.
  • Each model includes 5 color variations, for a total of 8000 costume combinations. The library is constantly growing with new assets being published periodically.
  • Periodic Maintenance and Updates,
  • Annual Upgrades.

anima ALL, is the complete solution for populating architectural visualization scenes and CG projects with unlimited access to the anima platform and thousands of metropoly photorealistic 3D characters available in AXYZ design’s ever-growing online catalog.

The new service offers clients unprecedented creative freedom, providing everything they need to populate their images using the characters best suited to their architectural visualization projects. Unlike other subscription services, anima ALL is not limited to a monthly number of assets, but instead, it offers absolute freedom and access to thousands of models. The development has taken into consideration the difficulties that COVID19 has created in the working world, making the product usable from any computer and geographic location, thanks to a new floating license system.

The service holder will be able, through a very simple and intuitive control panel, to manage, control, and customize their anima ALL licenses, so that their entire team of artists and collaborators can work together no matter where they are. The solution allows you to rent a variable number of seats to suit your specific needs, whether you are a freelancer, a small studio, or a large company.

The duration of the contract is annual from the date of contracting the service and offers the possibility of adding new seats at any time. Each entry subscribed to can be used on 3 (three) different computers, as long as they are not used at the same time.

I’m using anima and specifically the 4d humans which look amazing! below is a still frame from a film in production at The Craft… the 3rd one we’re using AXYZ Design 4d people in with amazing feedback. Hoping to post the final film in a week or two.


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