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Why You’re Still Single

Have you ever stopped what you’re doing and wondered why you are still single even when everybody you know has partners already? Have you ever been bombarded with so many questions like “why are you still single” every time you meet friends, acquaintances, and relatives that you are annoyed already? If yes, then maybe it’s high time you meditate on why you are indeed still single.

Here are possible reasons why.

Why You’re Still Single

You’ve been busy being a workaholic

At times, people can be so in love with their careers that they no longer have the time to think about their love life. Or, you may also feel there is too much pressure in your work already and you don’t want to stress yourself more by finding a partner. You should loosen up on work a little. At the end of the day, work will be gone and you will probably wish you have found someone to spend the remaining days of your life with.

You are carrying an emotional baggage

You may have been hurt by your former partner and with this, you are not yet ready to enter any kind of relationship. You were just so broken and can’t move on so you find yourself having a hard time trusting people again. Or, you are still hoping deep in your heart that you and your ex will get back together after giving each other space so you are keeping yourself single.

You are a picky perfectionist

You have been too busy setting very high standards on what your partner should be like. Unfortunately, you found no one meeting exactly all of the standards you have set. There may have been one who matched one of your standards but failed in the rest.

Remember that nobody is perfect and are you sure that your dream partner will also find you to be perfect? Maybe you should set your standards a little lower and realize that there is also no guarantee that the person meeting your standards will not make mistakes and disappoint you.

You are not taking care of yourself well

In the physical aspect, maybe you are not really taking care of yourself well. It’s either you got too fat, too thin, or you don’t know how to give yourself a makeover and that’s why people and potential partners don’t notice you.

You are afraid to date

It is very common for some people to be anxious when it comes to dates so even if someone is asking them out, they reject them. This may be caused by confidence and self-esteem issues.

Whatever your reason is, know that even if you are comfortable being by yourself now, there will always come a time when you will need a partner in life. So, you’ve got to work for it. If you are anxious to go on actual dates, you can go for online dating first. Visit and create your profile to start searching for your soulmate.

As the famous Eagles hit “Desperado” says, “You gotta to let somebody love you before it’s too late.”