Why Professional Photographers Still Win Over Your Uncle With the Fancy Camera

Most smartphones also have cameras built-in that allow for capturing high quality images. The ubiquitous selfies aside, even amateurs can capture an astounding photo on occasion with them. However, for the millions of pictures snapped everyday by cell phone-toting Americans, the real gems of photography are still left to those who have professionally mastered the craft using professional gear. A professional photographer can even kick cell phone images up a few notches, but it is the combination of pro equipment and pro experience that makes the difference, and here is why.

The Technical Details Behind the Images

Do you know how to use bokeh to make the subject of a portrait take center stage in a photo? Do you know what bokeh is? It is the way each camera lens renders the out-of-focus areas of bright light. This effect causes separation between the subject in sharp focus and the background in softer focus with bright areas taking on shapes caused by the bokeh effect of the lens used. Professionals know which lens to use in every situation where this effect can enhance an image. Photography is all about capturing light, and it takes an intimate understanding of f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO settings to capture the best images indoors and out.

Lighting the Scene

Have you ever taken some pictures indoors only to be disappointed with how dark they look? How about pictures outdoors that end up looking washed out? Professional photographers understand the science of lighting a scene to capture the desired images. They can work wonders with their understanding of light to create stunning images in candlelight or using knowledge of light fall-off to make a cluttered background appear black. A professional photographer has the equipment to add a hair highlighting light or to capture clear beautiful bridal portraits in a church with subdued lighting.

Studio Photography

This is where control is at its best. Pro photographers make the best use of each remote scene they shoot, but the studio is where all elements of a photography session can be controlled. There is time for wardrobe changes, makeup touch ups, and setting backgrounds and props as well as adjusting lighting rigs to capture perfect images every time. Say you were looking for affordable maternity photography in NYC in the middle of winter. A professional photo studio is the place to capture those perfect images of Dad and Mom with her baby belly. Photo studios can give your portraits everything from a plain white background to being set as a scene from another era. You can work out exactly what you want before the shoot and not have to worry about weather or time of day.

Professional photographers also have the expertise and equipment to balance all of the images in post-edit so they print perfectly in all size formats. Did you know that you have to crop an image differently depending on if it is going to be printed as a 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 or larger print? You also have to take into account the different print sizes when framing the original shot. A pro photographer already know this and so much more.

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