The Most Fast And Accurate Calculating Cost Of Home Rebuilding

When you plan to build a house, definitely the first thing you think about is how much it costs to build a house. In the previous article we have shared about How much the Cost of Building a House, as a reference you can also visit the page. Calculating the cost of building a house is not a difficult case in fact it just needs to be thorough and updated information about the prices of building materials. Especially when the current uncertain conditions, building materials are goods that price is always fluctuating and erratic, so you need to really know the current price conditions. Some things you should note before calculating the cost of building a house are:


The availability of land to build a house is an absolute must when building a house. And the percentage for the land may be the largest or half of the price of the house. If you do not have the land to build a house, immediately find the appropriate land information for your home. And look for information also the price of land in the location that you are looking for you get the land with the appropriate price. Why fast? Therefore, the price of the land is increasingly tended to increase, and if you get it now is an advantage over.

Model House

Sometimes people like to ignore this, people prefer to leave it to the experts. Though the home model and the design of the house is crucial in the calculation of the budget to build a house. Houses of the same size but different models would require different costs. The more space in the house will increase the cost of the house. The more detail in making the house, the more will increase the cost of the house.

Building material

The choice of building materials to make a home determines in calculating the cost of making a home. If you currently have limited money in building a house you should prepare some durable materials such as stone for foundation, iron for cast and pole, tile. These materials in our opinion is quite durable if stored or left in a long time and the price also tends to rise so if prepared from now will definitely save your expenses.

Handyman or Experts

The cost of a builder to build a house is absolute and this cost becomes the largest component possible. Since there is rarely a home so within a week, it usually takes several months to become a house ready for habitation.

How to calculate the cost of building a house fast

The cost of building a house can be calculated according to the price per m2 of the building floor, this way of calculating the cost as this is the fastest way to calculate the cost of building a house but the level of accuracy is less

Of course for each location it has, this is because the building price per m2 varies according to the location of the building and the quality of the building to be built, for the estimated price of building a dwelling is between $ 14,000 to $ 65,000. From the price of the square meter, you can estimate How much does it cost to build your house. (You must calculate in advance how wide the whole building is complete).

How To Calculate The Cost Of Building A House In Detail

To calculate the cost of building a house in detail but the result will be accurate is to calculate the unit. You need to be thorough in calculating in this way, and you should also be open to the people involved in building your home, especially to the craftsman. Because there are enough units to be included and all of them at different prices. For that there is a design drawing house design is necessary to estimate the cost can really be calculated carefully and accurately.

Some of the things that are counted / recorded on how to calculate in this way are:

  1. Details of the list of jobs to be performed
  2. What materials will be used
  3. Terms of building
  4. Work plan thoroughly and in detail
  5. Volume of each work area
  6. Worker’s wage price
  7. Latest material prices
  8. Analyze for each job done
  9. multiplication between volume and unit price determined
  10. total price amount
  11. Cost of Wholesale / Daily

Some Costs Among them:

  1. Foundation
  2. Concrete structure
  3. Wall (installation to finishing
  4. ceiling
  5. Floor
  6. Electrical installation
  7. Painting
  8. Finishing

By using unit cost will be obtained a cost that is close to or even fit with the actual cost. But you must really detail, Please choose your own method of calculating the cost of building the most fitting that you think is most comfortable and suitable. Hopefully useful.