The Concept of Building Villa

For the majority of rich people have more than one home are common, they are sometimes confused even to build more houses in a favored spot. Whereas in the area already has a halfway house. Therefore, they often build a villa of a personal nature, in tourist spots and its function as a place to relax, calm down, even for a family leisure entertainment.

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A private villa constructed in the most natural tourist sites, like the mountains and the beach. The design priority to comfort and prioritize natural beauty, make this modern villa dubbed as a luxury villa. When you are going to build a luxury villa in the tourist class, you need not cost a bit, especially for the purchase of land and purchase images of architectural design. As for the model itself is dependent, there is one floor and there is also more than one floor.

As a reference, the villa is built in a tourist area will serve as a haven of luxury private, should have the concept:

Enclosed space is the space that used as a private space that is more private, especially closed to outsiders other than the owner of the villa and his guests.

While open space is a space where everyone can access the site as a living room, bar, dining room and so forth.

To give the impression of modern luxury villa, you can design jacuzzy, make a swimming pool and a variety of services such as hotels.

With the concept of such a modern villa makes for a haven of individuals will have a class of their own and deserve to be a modern villa that promotes luxury and comfort.

The concept for the interior, the reference suggestion is to set the layout in the form of a twin bedroom, a living room and entertainment room on the first floor.

Additionally, room by room must have a function primarily for activities such luxury mini cinema, table Billyard, a relaxation room, barbeque area and other classy room.

Provide a room that had a king size for a break if you as the owner of the villa only layover with your spouse only. Places to sit suggested is a sofa as it will be able to spoil everyone who visited the villa is either to be placed in the indoor or outdoor.

As a reference as a whole, when you built private villa which was conceptualized more luxurious it is advisable to have a room of more than 3 pieces, has air conditioning in every room, have a home theater in the form of a mini cinema, has jacuzzy and pool, there is a kitchen completely, dining room great, an internet point, indoor parking, outdoor recreation place and others