Reindeer Skin: All Year Round or Only in Winter?

Reindeer have always been popular at the North Pole, and it’s no wonder. With their naturally lustrous and sumptuously soft coats, there’s a lot to love. Like Santa himself, our customers expect quality they can take to the bank. Our white and Siberian reindeer hides are among our most popular products, with a range of stunning colours and designs to choose from. If you haven’t already, there’s never a bad time to get in on the action. Reindeer hide rugs aren’t just for the winter time. Read on for expert aftercare tips, important reindeer skin facts, and more. Join us as we explore why reindeer hides make great furniture and bed throws that look and feel great all year round.

Every Season is Reindeer Season!


More customers are seeking out luxury reindeer skins to round off their interior décor than ever before. Popular as wall hangings and living room rugs, reindeer rugs work great either way. But we have a better solution. Drape it over a chair or a sofa to make your furniture stand out against the room. Your rug’s unique colours and textures will enhance your home’s signature style. It’s important to know, reindeer skins aren’t made to handle excessive foot traffic. This is why you should save them for rooms where they won’t get trampled. Treat your reindeer hide rug as the exclusive, specialty item it is, and it will keep on rewarding you.

Why not spread it out on top of your bed to give your sleeping quarters a groovy vibe? A classic style choice, reindeer rugs offer an extra level of sophistication. Imagine yourself in a French chalet or Alpine lodge. Let your reindeer rug take you away somewhere with scenic views and beautiful vistas. No matter what room of the house and no matter what time of the year. Moreover, reindeer fur’s naturally hollow fibres help to regulate temperature, which means they’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You can enjoy all four seasons in style with our luxurious reindeer skins to keep you comfortable.

Reindeer Skin Aftercare


All our reindeer skin rugs come from some of the most beautiful specimens in the world. Courtesy of experts all the way from the Arctic, we use only ethically sourced hides for a chic and eco-friendly style choice. As we’ve already mentioned, reindeer skins make great furniture throws for beds, sofas, or chairs. You could even use them as wall hangings if you wish. Reindeer hides can be fragile due to their hollow hairs and require a bit of love and care to keep them happy.

Reindeer hide aftercare is so easy and undemanding there’s no excuse to brush it under the rug. Remember, reindeer are indigenous to cold climates, and their furs are excellent insulators. We recommend regularly turning your reindeer hide to stop condensation affecting the pile. Keep your beautiful reindeer skin away from fireplaces and in cool rooms with good humidity to prevent shedding too. Care for your reindeer hide properly and it will care for you as well. It’s that easy. For more expert aftercare tips, visit us at

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