Refresh Your Home Every Season Without Costly Renovations

How would you like to change the look of your home every season? What about keeping up with home fashions as they come? Or maybe even just jump on that really cool idea you had… all without having to spend a ton on costly renovations? Then you should definitely keep reading. There are a lot of great ways to refresh the look of your home, and most of them are pretty cheap.

1. Home Accessories.

Those deep burgundy drapes that look so fantastic during the winter holidays can really clash with the fresh flowers in spring. The same goes for throw pillows, light fixtures, artwork, table clothes and so much more. Buy for a season then put them away for next year, refurbish or upcycle them, or just give them away. It won’t dig into your wallet too much, and it gives your home a fresh new look each season.

2. Furniture Rentals.

Another great way to keep your home’s look fresh is to rent furniture rather than purchase it. Going with a furniture rental service is great because you can update your home’s look on a whim, and easily replace pieces if they get damaged or broken. If renting isn’t your style, you can always buy used furniture or fix up freebies. You can always reupholster your sofa sets with the season, as well. Rental services just offer an easier, more convenient way to keep your furniture on rotation.

3. Declutter.

Even when you update the look and feel of your home, if you have last season’s clutter in plain view, it can ruin the vibe. We all know that there are only so many storage containers that you can shove into a closet before you have to consider incorporating plastic boxes into your decor. Simply by typing in search terms like Storage Facility Phoenix into your favorite search engine, you can find a plethora of great storage unit options. This is a great option for anyone who needs to get organized, but it’s especially good for those of you who choose to buy and keep seasonal furniture and accessories. Simply load everything into your storage unit and organize it for the coming year.

4. Maid Services.

True, there was a time when only the rich and famous could afford such luxuries as maid services, but nowadays such services have become very reasonably priced. From one-time deep cleaning services, to daily, weekly, and even monthly options, there’s a service and a schedule out there that’s perfect for you. While it may seem like the kind of thing you could do on your own, hiring a service to deep clean your house even just on a quarterly basis can really bring new life to your home. Shining floors, sparkling windows, dustless corners, and dirt-free grout will leave your house looking brand new.

These are just a few of the many great ways you can refresh your home without renovations. Being thrifty and creative can lead you to some good ideas, but there are also plenty of guides and great articles like this one that can help you find even more ways to keep your place feeling like home but looking brand new.


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