Architectural Design

Performative Design Processes For Structure

Architectural DesignThe sketch was by the late Enric Miralles a Catalan architect commissioned to create the Parliament for the newly devolved Scottish Govt.

Inizialmente gli studenti investigheranno attraverso esperimenti fisici il comportamento di sistemi materiali per comprenderne e astrarne i principi regolatori. Questa conoscenza diventerà poi lo strumento fondamentale per la progettazione di sistemi e processi generatori di morfologie integrali spazialmente articolate. Questi corpi possono integrare simultaneamente le capacità perfomative di struttura, involucro e filtro di condizioni ambientali così come definire spazi abitabili eterogenei.

Older homes, barns, and different buildings slated for demolition are sometimes filled with lovely antique ornamentation, fixtures, and interesting hardware. Old tin ceiling panels, stair rails, steel fixtures, and ceramic tiles can be recycled as creative ornamental accessories. I will show you a few things that you can make with outdated, salvaged material.

For functions of displays and architectural critiques, usually students would use better high quality material like acrylic, wooden or paperboard. Again, the choice on what materials to use for the structure is key. When you’ve got a mission in a rural area say some woodlands, it could be more suitable to make the mannequin in wooden to be able to specific the more emotive facet of your design.

These Instagram photographers take spectacular shots of landscapes, structure and constructions, but they also weave an fascinating silhouette or two into most of those shots. They are a like a tribe of photographers with an attention-grabbing silhouette calling card. It makes their images even more attention-grabbing than they already are.