How to Install Tile

Tile is a component that can not be left in a process specifically for residential construction. Tile had been the protector, Reclaimed Wood Flooring of the house from the sun and rain. Usually the father who participated in the process of construction of houses prefer to use tiles made of clay instead of tile made of metal material. Many of the advantages possessed by clay tiles compared to tiles made of metal. The first tile made of metal are more noisy when exposed to heavy rain, the second metal roof will make homes more heat when the weather was scorching-hot. How to install the tile you need to pay attention to the steps below. Check out his review below:

    Manufacture Horses

Volume is calculated in units of cubic meters. That is the total length of the materials used multiplied by the dimensions of wood used. Example: The total length of the material used for horses is 25 meter of wood used 8/12 the volume is 25 x 0:08 x 0:12 = 0:24 cubic meters.

manufacture Gording

What is meant by making the connection between the purlins is the manufacture of purlins, the unit still uses cubic meters, how to find the same volume by finding the volume on the calculation of the horses.

Manufacture Jurai

Same with the manufacture of purlins

    Beams manufacture Nok

Same with the manufacture of purlins and sequence. Dimension lumber is usually the same, only the location was different.

    Replace Horses

This installation does not require a long time because the horses just stay put into place. The material needs to be added also said almost nothing because horses mounted after it is created.

    Posting Board Suri

What is meant by the board suspended the board is located above the beam nok which serves to hold the guard room.

    Replace Usuk

Rafter typically use 4/6 or 5/7 the size of the timber, which is often used is a 5/7 size timber for roofs that use asbestos or zinc is not wearing a rafter, simply by purlins.

    Replace Aluminum Foil

Installation of the aluminum foil is intended to reduce heat and prevent tampias the event of rain accompanied by wind. Materials used aluminum foil is not absolute and can be replaced with zinc plating and carpets. Location of aluminum foil is between the ribs and lath.

    Attach battens

Lath size at which there are two kinds of 2/3 or 3/4 depending on the type of tile used, for ceramic tiles could use a size 2/3, lath calculation is the same as that with units compute rafter square meters.

    Replace Roof tiles

Tile itself there are several types such as I described above. But generally the concrete tile and ceramic tile is a tile that is most widely used by the public. Extensive calculations with units of square meters usually coincides with the lath and rib.