Got Wooden Furniture? Here’s How To Care For It

Wood furniture has a certain look and feel to it that is unlike anything else you can find in your home or apartment. It is for this reason that owners take their wood furniture pieces from place to place. Wherever the owner goes, the wood furniture pieces look beautiful in all of them.
But just because solid wood furniture is strong and beautiful does not mean that it gets shielded from the wear down of all-day usage. Everything from water spills, faded finishes, surface cracks and scratches can ruin the look and shine of your beloved piece of wooden furniture. While a great piece of wooden furniture can last you decades, it will take a great deal of upkeep to keep it looking as good as new. That’s why this article will reveal a couple of ways that you can take care of your wooden furniture so that it looks as good as the day that you bought it. Once you have finished this article, visit for the best in contemporary wood furniture.

  1. Polish and Clean Your Wood Furniture On a Regular Basis: While you don’t have to clean and polish wood furniture pieces every single day, you should make this task a regular part of your house cleaning practice. To have the wood furniture pieces looking as good as they can, you will need to wash the pieces that get the most use more often. Home improvement expert Bob Vila even said that you can wash wood furniture pieces with dishwashing liquid, one of your most common kitchen items. For pieces that get a regular amount of use, just dust them a couple of times a week and polish these pieces twice a year.
  2. Cover Used Surfaces: You will compromise your wood furniture’s quality whenever you do anything on top of it. This goes from your grandchildren drawing pictures on paper on your dining room table to normal wear and tear on your office desk. Protect your precious investment by covering the tops of your wooden furniture. Put placemats on your dining room table. Place a felt pad under that beautiful lamp on your end table. You will also want to keep coasters in a place where you can easily reach them. There’s nothing worse than a water ring to spoil the beauty of a piece of wood furniture.
  3. Watch the Climate: Wood furniture pieces shrink in low temperatures and swell in higher levels of humidity. This can warp the wood and cause the piece to break apart. To keep your furniture pieces intact, get either a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Wood furniture owners who live in extreme climates should take special care to follow this tip.
  4. Stop Infestations: No one wants bugs in their home. You especially don’t want them in your wood furniture, which can create quite the hassle. Once you get an infestation, it gets harder to resolve it. To prevent infestation, take note of EPA guidelines so that bugs don’t wreak havoc on your furniture.