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How to Search for the Right Axe to Purchase The splitting axe is a kind of tool that is made for splitting firewood into smaller pieces. If you are going to split wood, such would let the air reach the wood from so many sides and this is going to make the process of drying faster. The seasoned wood comes with a moisture content of 20% and this is going to burn hotter and produces more BTU not like the green firewood. When you burn the green firewood, this would use the fire energy in order to evaporate the moisture in the wood and this would result to sizzling and hissing noise. Such noise is the sound of heat being wasted. Also, the seasoned wood would create less creosote buildup in the chimney. You must know that creosote is flammable residue that is left from unburnt gases that adhere to the inside portion of the chimney. The creosote would catch fire over time and this is going to result in a really dangerous chimney fire. Every person who has split the wood through hand knows that this can be a difficult experience. In order to make the process much easier, then it is quite important that you choose the best tool for the job.
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You must know that the felling axe is quite common and such is used around so many homes. This is known as the cutting axe that is used to chop wood. This could cut crossways through those wood fibers. This type of axe must not be utilized for splitting wood. When you attempt to split the medium-sized wood through using the felling axe, this is just going to get stuck in the wood and you cannot easily get out of it. You have to remember that the felling axe is made to cut the wood fibers but not split them apart.
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When it comes to splitting wood, the splitting axe is the best tool to use. The head is made to split the fibers of the wood but not cut them. Moreover, they come in various styles and they are made by so many manufacturers as well. Axes are lighter as compared to the maul and this means that such can reduce fatigue. This means that you can split wood for a longer period of time too. You can choose from the fiberglass handle and the wood handle. If you opt for the fiberglass handle, then such is lighter and is more durable but there are still a lot of those who would opt for traditional wood handle. Also, they are available in various lengths and you must choose a length which is comfortable and also safe for using.