Choosing the Perfect Corner Sofa Bed

Sometimes, we feel as if limited living space limits our hospitality. Offering your out-of-town buddy your couch was fine in college, but what about your mother coming to stay? If you don’t have a guest room, having overnight guests can feel difficult or awkward. A sofa bed may be the perfect solution for smaller spaces.

Sofa beds–also known as sleeper sofas–come in three basic formats: the futon, the traditional sofa bed, and the corner sofa bed.

  • The futon is single, large cushion on a folding frame. It can lay flat as a bed or fold in half as a couch.
  • The traditional sofa bed looks like your average couch, but the seating cushions fold out into a bed. They come in varying sizes with mattresses of varying firmness.
  • The corner sofa-bed, as the name suggests, is built in an L-shape to save space while still providing the comfort of a traditional sofa bed. It can transform into a bed by two methods: the seating cushions can fold out to form a bed or an extension underneath the couch can be folded up on level with the seating cushions. These can be the size of a loveseat or larger.

Before you purchase your sofa bed, you need to measure your space to be sure it will fit. Luckily, sofa beds come in four sizes to suit a variety of spaces: chair (which unfolds into a mattress slightly smaller than a twin-sized mattress), twin, full, and queen. Nearly all sleeper sofa mattresses are a little shorter than your standard mattress. Because they are holding a mattress inside, the seats on a sofa bed may be firmer than the typical sofa, so test the seat cushions before purchasing your new sleeper sofa.

Just like choosing a mattress for your bed, be sure to try out the mattress for your sofa bed. Don’t be afraid to try various positions on the in-store models to be sure you can find a mattress and frame that is right for you. Depending on your chosen model, you will have three mattress styles to choose from: inner-spring, memory foam, and air-coil.

Don’t wait until the last minute to purchase a sofa bed as it can take two months for the store to order it in your chosen color and material.

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