Choosing a Tier-on-Tier Shutter without Breaking a Sweat

Tier-on-tier shutters are ideal for tall windows, especially in buildings near the street. Finding the appropriate type for your panels tend to be overwhelming due to the numerous choices in the market. This guide outlines the different types available to help you come up with a sound choice as guided on this website:

  1. Best Shutter Style

Start by identifying the best shutter design for your home. You ought to note that all shutter designs suit any room schemes from modern to period, contemporary, vintage, and traditional styles. Your taste will not mislead you but note that each style you pick comes with distinct features. Among the common layouts include café-style shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, full-height, classic plantation shutters, and solid shutters.

  1. Material to Choose

The common materials used in these elements include wooden shutters and polyvinyl shutters. These two look almost the same, but the polyvinyl shutters are waterproof making them appropriate for steamy rooms. Go for wooden type since they are perfect for all kind of buildings, and they come in various designs depending on your financial limits. Search online, and local shops for available styles stocked that could suit your theme.

  1. Room-by-Room Guide

If you are still not sure about the shutters to pick for your rooms, you ought to consider the following tips to develop a sensible choice.

Living room

For a living room that overlooks a busy road, go for the tier-on-tier designs to receive the constant privacy and maximum daylight since you can fold back the upper panels. They are flexible especially during the summer, and one can easily access the window locks. Talk to the sellers about the intended use of the panel for them to assist in selecting windows.


Find out the qualities of panels fit for a bedroom setting. Make sure they offer maximum privacy, and you can fold them during the day to light the room. Focus on retaining the security of people using the rooms both during the night and at the day.


Polyvinyl shutters withstand steam from the bathtub and come in various colors to give your washroom a color splash. A professional will help in determining the appropriate window panels to match the walls and the color of the entire building. Check completed assignments in bathrooms to determine the suggested designs that many clients liked.


In a situation where the window is near your cooking area, choose wooden shutters to avoid any form of warping. Mixing the two can be an option but only in an open-area space. Make sure the plan you select allows privacy to hide the kitchen staffs and food components. Customize the frames to resemble the slat size, color, and style for a coordinated appeal in and outdoors.

Tier-on-tier shutters comprise of a separately adjustable bottom and top panels enabling the users to open either part or slats individually without interfering with the other. This type offers flexibility and maximum privacy and suits period or traditional properties. Conduct a comprehensive search before determining the type of shutter that will satisfy your needs.


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