House Layout

A Good Philippine Home Builder

Our videograhper Tyson traveled to Truckee, California to file an in-depth collection of videos that doc Nick’s process in delectable element.

In the basement, there was quite a lot of potential. The previous homeowners had already planned things out and we think they went as far as to complete most of it…sadly when they left, they took these objects with them. So the lavatory is plumbed however wants fixtures like a rest room and a vanity. The Kitchenette (we predict it was earlier a wetbar) was totally scalped too…they even took the counter prime and cabinets.

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You’ll be able to imitate this layout if you like, however note that that is my first ever attempt at constructing an N gauge layout and there’s no grasp plan. I am pretty much making decisions on the fly, often inventing ways to make what I need because the build progresses. I am going to inform you the fundamentals of the endeavor here and you can either copy or implement your own variations.